The British witten UPS power supply to ensure the power supplies for wuhan maritime bureau

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-15
A few days ago, the British witten successfully won the bid of wuhan maritime bureau, UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment, centralized purchasing project for the British witten the organs of state government programme this year added a typical case. At the same time, for the maritime safety administration & other; Law enforcement for the people, serve the society & throughout; Good wishes to provide reliable power supply. It is reported that the British witten in the service of wuhan maritime bureau is a super strong load capacity of HT31 on-line UPS power supply series, the series products adopt the high-end digital control system, has excellent overall performance and reliability; On this basis, this product is used the most leading designer technology industry, up to 8 sets of weaver number, provide users with more configuration options! The success hand in hand, is the British witten UPS power products by national important enterprises recognition and trust of another instance, also fully proved that the market for the British witten the affirmation of the power supply! The British witten by & other; Go to great lengths to provide value products and services, let customers more competitive & throughout; For the mission, and actively explore customer needs. Insight and grasp the demand of the market to keep the British witten product innovation and flexibility; Advanced integrated product development management and comprehensive product research and development testing and automation of informatization work production guarantee the high reliability and high performance of the British witten products; Distribution of branches around the world to provide users with solutions, professional security technology training and service support. Company is committed to through the technological innovation and the globalization of brand operations, growth for the power supply and power electronics field make people proud of world-class companies.
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