The British witten successfully won the bid of Beijing university people's hospital

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-15
Recently, the front line to pass the good news! The British witten power the winning people's hospital of Peking University, UPS uninterruptible power supply reliability is applied to the laboratory, built in the Beijing university people's hospital. Beijing university people's hospital on January 27, was founded in 1918, was named as & other; Beijing central hospital & throughout; , is the first by the Chinese themselves financing, construction and management of modern comprehensive hospital. Hospital is the third rate, the second clinical medical college of Peking University. As is known to all, the hospital of all kinds of high precision instrument for electric environment requirements, high quality, continuous electricity environment is the basis of the normal and stable operation of security equipment, can also extend the service life of equipment. It is understood that in the service of Beijing's renmin university laboratory is the British witten, built in the power supply HT11 series on-line UPS power supply, this product has the double conversion on-line structural design, digital control technology, intelligent battery management, the advantages of network management function, and has the highest output power factor in the industry, to provide customers with the use of higher capacity. The service in Beijing university people's hospital, built laboratory is not only a market for the British witten UPS again, also is the British witten power new successful experience. The British witten in industrial automation and electrical energy technologies in the field of domestic and international first-class standard, and has more than 310 kinds of patents, enables the British witten to provide the most suitable products and solutions to meet their in high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and overall cost control requirements. High quality products, innovative technology and high quality service, make the credibility of the British witten is becoming more and more thorough popular feeling.
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