The British witten: provide customers with the most fit the overall solution

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
Since the 1990 s, China's industrial automation industry's production has remained in the annual growth rate of more than 20%. China has become the world's largest automation control equipment market. In 2014 after 2013 years of accumulation of precipitation, the development of China's industrial automation will meet to explosive, the progress of science and technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, building automation, energy conservation, environmental protection, urban traffic intelligence, large equipment localization will become the trend of the New Year. The demographic dividend abated and environmental degradation under double pressures, more and more enterprises of industry automation upgraded as the enterprise's future development direction, this for automation products especially energy efficient and environmentally friendly products provide a broad market. On March 28, 2014 - 31 in shenzhen, shenzhen convention and exhibition center held the shenzhen international machinery exhibition, many exhibitors have unveiled their latest products and advanced solutions. OFweek in industrial control network editor had an interview with the British witten ShuaiChunLong sales department sales manager in the company, and automation products and overall solutions has carried on the deep discussion and communication. The British witten ShuaiChunLong sales department sales manager in the company to provide users with the overall solution is the inevitable trend of the future on the show the British witten company launched consists of PLC, frequency converter, man-machine interface, servo drives, servo motor, electric spindle from control system to perform part of a complete set of whole solution. ShuaiChunLong said that the British witten in the future the company will launch special nc machine tool CNC overall solution, in this scheme, the whole control system are provided by the British witten company responsible for. ShuaiChunLong the company gave a high evaluation of the frequency converter, although the need of the generation of the inverter is to control, but its speed at the same time, played a very good energy saving effect. Now the British witten inverter products have been applied to the mine machinery, oil field, central air-conditioning, injection molding machine modification, constant pressure water supply and power consumption compared to the big occasion, directly or indirectly, boycotted the fog haze, agree with the subject of the era of energy conservation and environmental protection. The next page > 123
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