The British witten group center certification project a success

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-15
On March 1, 2014 officially launched the coinsurance center training project, under the leadership attaches great importance to focus on, in my colleagues association heart efforts, on April 19, coinsurance center certification project successfully. Coinsurance center qualification certification program is divided into theoretical examination, field examination, customer response to three stages, the former in the center of the group of remote test study, after two to conduct field test in shenzhen. Only three are qualified, can obtain by the British witten awarded qualification certificate. Due to the success of the coinsurance center training program last year, this year caused a warm from early registration. Primary march qualification, USES the media remote network teaching, using the British witten of network platform, the coinsurance center engineer class # 10 video courses must be completed tasks, deep by eight online exam to get certification qualification. After 15 days of learning examination, 23 engineers through the qualification audit. On April 13, the customer service center of the arrival of the 23 absorbs the services from engineering master, they come from different cities, different companies, but in the same industry, because & other; The British witten & throughout; Together in shenzhen. In shenzhen in April after a violent thunderstorm on particularly hot, 23 engineers at 3 / f less than 20 square meters of solid exercise room & other; Cracking & throughout; Running the various tools, the inverter start & other; Diagnosis & throughout; 。 They must be installed by dismantling breakdown maintenance, installation, debugging, communication testing four examination. After the early stage of the preparation, combined with years of work experience, 23 engineers to deliver all passed the examination. For the coinsurance center certification project, in particular, in the prophase planning, our innovative increased & other; Customer response & throughout; This a novel evaluation project. Service engineer will meet many unknown difficulties in service work, involving economic, spare parts, time, tools, such as abnormal problem, how to flexible to respond to these problem, resolve customer dissatisfaction, reassure customers. For this purpose, the customer service combined with frequency converter industry development the customer response to courses, designed to guide service engineers how to more effectively deal with customers, let service no longer upset. The coinsurance center certification project, specially invited zhang ( Tao) Teaching, scene simulation to the coinsurance center engineer examination, has been praised. Customer service center held on April 18th the coinsurance center certification of graduation ceremony, at the ceremony, the leaders of the service engineer in communication with the coinsurance center, relaxed and harmonious atmosphere, 23 coinsurance engineer obtained the qualification certificate, on behalf of the British witten coinsurance center services of stronger, on behalf of the British witten after-sales team good talent reserves, on behalf of the British witten is more and more efficient, flexible service levels. This batch of coinsurance center service engineer qualification certificate in hand, from the power to make hair, will certainly to peng is for wind, flying high!
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