The British witten: do domestic inverter industry 'best'

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
On November 6 - 10, 2012 China international industry fair was held in Shanghai new international expo center, Shenzhen INVT Electric Co. , Ltd. ( Under the British witten) E1000 &e2000 Goodrive series inverter in the field of electric drive, in the field of industrial control DB100 series general servo, HM600 series high precision servo, IVC1 series PLC, servo, MH500 series VT series HMI, new energy field IMARS series photovoltaic inverter, ISVG series high voltage static reactive power generator, HT series UPS products and complete industry solutions. On the show, the British witten Goodrive300 series inverter products and iSVG series high voltage static reactive power generator is the first time in the form of the whole figure, show the British witten in industry the most advanced technology, superb technology and the most excellent quality. In 2012, is the British witten 10th anniversary celebration, also is the British witten brand first, the British witten is the image of the new integration solutions to industry experts. Domestic inverter industry & other; Best & throughout; Compared with industrialized countries, China's inverter industry started relatively late, to early 90 s, domestic enterprises begin to know and try to use, and foreign inverter product already poured into the Chinese market. , general manager of research and development of the British witten Zhang Ke expressed meng, & other; According to the current domestic inverter development view, the domestic inverter is only about 3 into, foreign brand has accounted for more than 7. Inverter industry is a great potential market, our domestic electric enterprises want to points from the foreign capital enterprise & other; A piece of & throughout; , it needs to continuous innovation, a breakthrough in key technologies. ” With the rising of domestic demand for high performance frequency converter, the British witten vector inverter Goodrive300 launched in 2011, it adopted international advanced vector control algorithm, has high performance, high precision of motor drive control function, and can be widely used in induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor speed regulation control. In addition, it in improving reliability and environmental adaptability, especially emphasizes the design of customer's ease of use and industry specialization, function optimization, application is more flexible, more stable performance. Zhang Ke meng, further added, & other; Goodrive300 inverter shows the British witten a series of key technologies, including speed sensorless vector control technology of permanent magnet synchronous motor, permanent magnet synchronous motor's static self-study technology, asynchronous motor static learning technology, V/f low frequency oscillation suppression technology, V/f dynamic torque increase technology and communication technology, Ethernet and Profibus is broke the foreign enterprise of technology monopoly, fills the blank of inverter industry technology in domestic. ” Is reported that the British witten Goodrive300 frequency converter to the mid-market, mainly for its multiple functions is former inverter can achieve, its excellent properties of open loop vector control can greatly increase the production efficiency and reduce the overall energy consumption. Started with the British witten by frequency converter, since it was founded in 2002, entered the domestic brand of 'a year later. In 2005, on behalf of international leading level technology of CHV series high-performance successful listing the current vector converter; In 2007, the British witten high voltage inverter is developed, and tested by tianjin institute of transmission equipment at a stroke, was named & other; One of the ten famous brands in China inverter & throughout; ; In 2008, the British witten & other; Year 200000 low voltage frequency converter expansion projects & throughout; Only one in the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) to become the domestic industry project project. The next page> 1234
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