The British witten core parts localization of rail transit system

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
On June 7, 2017, CCTV financial channel 'time' and 'finance and economics, the hour' to the orbit transportation core parts localization of 'independent innovation, independent research and development to the British witten traffic transportation traction system conducted in-depth reports, the British witten traffic technology co. , LTD. , general manager of CCTV reporter interviewed xiao-jun yao. Urban rail industry ushered in the golden age, most of the parts to achieve the localization, but there are still some of the core parts imported. In recent years, with the enlargement of the market and technology accumulation, in addition to state-owned enterprises, some of the private enterprises are climbing to the peak areas of high-end technology. Here is the car depot of guangzhou metro line 8 red sand, on the subway load is the British witten independent research and development of metro traction system. If take cars to compare, it is equivalent to the car's engine, belongs to the technical requirements of the highest in the metro vehicle system, one of the past is the weak link of rail transportation equipment manufacturing technology in China. Knowledgeable in this industry more than 20 years of xiao-jun yao, university graduate in the orbit of foreign capital enterprise work, then he often participate in domestic subway bidding, as a representative of the foreign company and his dream is from then on. Xiao-jun yao the British witten traffic technology co. , LTD. , general manager: 'more than a decade ago, when China each year, dozens of the traction system of the market, all foreign brand participation, a Chinese company. Representative at that time I have two foreign firms often participate in competition, some of our Chinese counterparts together of the time often discuss this thing, and feeling very much, is keen to see China's enterprises to participate in. 'Analysts say, is now a domestic railway and rail transportation equipment manufacturing listed companies, covers almost all kinds of upstream and downstream. Gao, deputy general manager of shenzhen metro operation headquarters: 'after more than ten years of efforts, now should be 90% or more have achieved the level of localization. 'The personage inside course of study says, because of the transportation vehicle traction system belongs to the threshold of high technology industry, the requirement of technical level and reliability is very high, and the development process needs to be authenticated and review through a very difficult. At the same time, the project investment, long payback period, product developed market is relatively difficult, such as where to start the trial is a problem. These pain points and difficulties, resulting in many companies can't easily into. Expert advice on the premise of safety, the government, industry association should be more in the system level to encourage enterprises for independent innovation. Us nine Chinese urban rail transit association experts: 'one is strict, appraisal system. It line not line, this product will have to be identified by the association of professional committee,,. The second step, on this basis, to dare to use some support and reward the user of this product, so as to promote new products faster. 'Since 2010, a response to the call of national independent innovation, the industry of the National Development and Reform Commission and China association of urban rail transit of direct guidance for a long time, the British witten traffic to start the work of the independent research and development of rail transit traction system. For more than six years, formed the many achievements of rail transit traction system domain knowledge; Completed the independent third party ( TieKeYuan) Type test; By the China association of urban rail transit presided over 5 times review; Through the three standard system certification and international welding design certification; Only gained traction system of national security certification, product is the only SIL safety level. Traction system product in guangzhou metro line no. 8 safe operation for 20 passengers. 50000 kilometers, has not yet happened affect operating fault, reliability in similar products leading level.
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