The British witten began to develop the servo system

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-16
The British witten rooted in shenzhen ten years, based on the powerful inverter technology development product, its in the field of industrial control, new energy technologies in the domestic and international first-class standard, also can provide customers with the most suitable products and solutions, satisfy the high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and overall cost control requirements. Servo system is used to precisely follow or a feedback control system in the process of repetition. Also known as the servo system. In many cases, the amount of points to be controlled servo system ( The system output) Is the mechanical displacement or displacement velocity and acceleration feedback control system, its role is to make the mechanical displacement output ( Or corner) Accurately track the input displacement ( Or corner) 。 As the demand of the industrial mechanization, servo market space expanding continuously. Based on the frequency converter for nearly 10 years of technical accumulation, also with inverter technology as the core technology, the British witten successfully launched at the end of 2009 the first generation of servo system, namely CHS100 series ac servo system. Zhang Ke meng said, & other; It based on TI company's latest 32-bit DSPTMS320F28332 control core, select XILINX FPGA as algorithm implementation carrier, using the world's largest semiconductor maker infineon IGBT module, and an external 1 piece of 16-bit high-speed ADC module, on the basis of the world first-class core device for the first generation of servo system has set up a high performance hardware platform, the technologies in the domestic leading position. ” The British witten come out soon, the first generation of servo system of the second generation servo products that SV - general ac servo system DB100 and SV - injection molding machine dedicated electro-hydraulic servo servo system DP100, on the basis of the first generation of upgrading the hardware and software platform, 32 bit high performance DSP + FPGA constitute the optimal hardware platform, the SV - DB100 more high-speed precision, more excellent performance and quality was further ascension. Development up to now, the British witten servo system has been widely used in plastic machinery, textile machinery, oil field, photovoltaic and other fields. Zhang Ke meng said, & other; Machine tools, electronic semiconductor and new energy sources such as wind, solar energy demand for ac servo is growing rapidly, looking to the future, with servo prices falling, rising servo market acceptance, low-end market has great room for growth. ” In the future development trend of the servo system: high precision, high speed, high power. Servo system should make full use of the development of electronic and computer technology, the digital servo system, using microcomputer to realize adjusting control, strengthen the function of software control, rule out the nonlinear error and adjusting error of analog circuit and the influence of factors such as temperature drift, it can greatly improve the performance of servo system, and to realize the optimal control and adaptive control. At the same time, the development of high precision, fast detecting element and high-performance servo motor.
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