The big four high voltage inverter industry development direction

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-11
Due to the national macro policy guidance, with the innate energy advantage, a feast to the high voltage inverter energy-saving has begun, and the huge market opportunity will surely attract more capital and enterprises pay attention to and enter, bring greater competition. For the development of the industry in the future, enterprises need to continue to vigorously promote independent innovation products, to create corporate brand, sets up the image of honest and trustworthy, maintain the normal order of competition. As well as industry development puts forward four Suggestions: one is to strengthen the inverter industry association of China. By organizing and hosting industry development forum, a unified industry enterprise, to avoid vicious price competition situation of the industry; To coordinate the industry enterprise and the government, society and the relationship of the upstream and downstream customers, actively assisting the government to implement energy saving policy. The second is people-oriented. With the acceleration of the development of new products and application broadening process, talent cultivation and supplement becomes the key to the future industry can maintain high growth. Inverter enterprises at the same time of training and respect talents, in terms of use and retain talent, should avoid disorderly competition, set up industry global consciousness. Three is the enterprise to develop the propulsion of industrial structure and product structure adjustment, rely on scientific and technological progress, efforts to change the pattern of economic growth. Sound and perfect sales service system, improve the overall service levels. Build refining industry development strategic alliance, to encourage industry focus to superior enterprises. Four is to vigorously strengthen national and industry standardization work. According to reporter understanding, the existing of variable frequency speed regulating devices involved three standards are the transmission of large equipment system, variable frequency speed regulating device is just as a component. Therefore, there is currently no independent variable frequency speed regulating device executable production, testing and acceptance criteria. In response, Mr Fu said, set up the national frequency control equipment standardization technical committee related materials have been submitted to the national standard committee, industry association in the future will gradually start frequency control equipment standard system revision work, gradually achieve frequency control of motor speed equipment general standards, industry characteristics, technical standards, product standards, methods, standard matching system.
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