The automatic control system of closed-loop continuous adjustment can realize the switching operation of power frequency and frequency conversion

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-12
The controller, temperature sensor, temperature inspection instrument and cooling fan form a closed-loop continuous adjustment automatic control system. The system can realize the switching operation of power frequency and frequency conversion. Normal operation, manual operation of the rotary switch, switch to the frequency conversion operation, when the frequency conversion operation circuit fails, the power frequency operation condition can be switched back. The power frequency operation directly starts the motor and instantly reaches the industrial frequency of 50 HZ. The frequency conversion operation circuit is: the inverter realizes the soft start of the cooling fan motor through PLC control, avoids the impact of the starting current on the power grid, and reduces the noise; The temperature of the main motor coil and armature is detected by the temperature sensor, and the temperature inspection instrument XMDA- 16 data conversion, feedback to PLC, and then PLC internal data processing to control frequency converter, thus realizing frequency conversion and speed regulation of motor. Application of frequency conversion control system for cooling fan Motor 1. The rotating switch of the electrical control and monitoring circuit console is selected to the frequency conversion, and the start-stop switch is selected to the fan starting position, and the i0 of the PLC is respectively selected. 0 and IO. The digital input of 1 and Q0. 1 output high level to relays K2, K2 suction, its normally open point closed, and the contactor KM2 coil suction, forming a frequency conversion control electrical circuit. 380 v ac is input to the incoming line side of the inverter, and a voltage of a certain frequency is output to a three-phase variable frequency motor through variable frequency conversion.
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