The ark of the capacitance of low voltage capacitor capacitance change

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-10
Low voltage capacitor capacitance ark transformation capacitance change due to the use in civil construction sites for single-phase inductive load, because of its power factor is low, the proportion of lagging reactive power in power grid. To ensure that reduce the reactive power in the power grid, improve power factor, ensure that make full use of the active power, improve the supply efficiency of system and the voltage quality, reduce line losses, reduce the cost of distribution line, managing electric energy, usually in the low voltage power supply capacitor reactive power compensation device in the system. In the capacitor reactive power compensation device capacitance ark plays a leading role, and the capacitor is the main component, is used to complete the reactive power compensation. But capacitor belongs to consumable vulnerability, normal life 3 ~ 5 years, if not change in time, will affect the compensation effect, and there are serious security hidden danger. More information: http://www. plumnova。 com/
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