Tend to diversification inverter into modern electric drive technology specialty

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-05
Inverter technology is relatively mature in the modern automation technology, more advanced technology, power technology, microelectronics technology, control technology is the product of highly developed. At present, the frequency converter technology in electric power, metallurgy, oil, steel, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, and other practical application in the electrical transmission equipment, has become a main development direction of modern electric drive technology. Technology is important bottleneck in the development of domestic inverter market development in the early 1980 s of frequency control of motor speed technology, complied with the requirement of industrial production automation development, started a new era of smart motor. Changed the way ordinary motor only in constant speed operation mode of old, makes the motor and drag load without any changes in circumstances that can be adjusted according to requirements of the production process speed output, so as to reduce the power consumption of the motor, and achieve the goal of system run efficiently. At present, the frequency converter technology in electric power, metallurgy, oil, steel, chemical industry, water supply and drainage, and other practical application in the electrical transmission equipment, has become a main development direction of modern electric drive technology. After decades of development, the inverter technology to get great progress in our country, is widely used in many industries. But for now, inverter in the technical bottleneck in our country. Frost, marketing director of science and technology ya-jun wang says: tell from the scale, Chinese converter number will reduce gradually, but the enterprise scale will be expanded, thus to big business monopoly; From a technical perspective, China's inverter manufacturing software technology and hardware quality will be further improved, and the technology which is also larger of domestic inverter development bottleneck, this not only on the frequency converter performance of the machine, but also in the core component of inverter, such as: IBGT, rectifier bridge, etc. Can these parts localization, performance, reliability, whether can catch up with the European and American famous brand, and also directly affect the inverter cost competitiveness of the whole machine. Can say Chinese inverter in the technology on the road, is still a long way to go. Innovation drive inverter industry development in 2015, inverter industry formally entered the second 30 years, China into the second development era. As the bridgehead of inverter industry energy saving and emission reduction in 2015, I'm afraid to & other; The new normal & throughout; Strong - is more sensitive to feelings - Economic downward pressure, based on technology breakthrough industry layout again pressure, have by pos conduction of the ever-changing market demand pressure & hellip; … How the & other; The new normal & throughout; Under a explore buck the trend on & other; Tuyere & throughout; I'm afraid, is each inverter industry of the Chinese people. Innovation is our most important is the only driving force: the plight of the made in China is complicated, low-end industry overcapacity, high-end industry core technology, backward is not high not low embarrassment and uncompetitive. Must change this situation can truly realize the transformation and upgrading. By what? Rely on innovation! Think this innovation should not only narrowly in technological innovation, in fact, to a wider range, is far deeper. The first is to break the shackles in idea, the in the mind think of various & other; Impossible & throughout; Flexibility to verify one by one; Cross-border fusion is more outstanding, each industry gradually blurred border by Internet and big data, including the concept of reverse the reset, the resources of fusion, pattern; Truly people-oriented, inverter industry accumulated a large number of engineering and technical personnel is the most precious wealth, industry how to dig this wealth also requires innovation. Market tending towards diversification provides allure extremely inverter frequency converter is an important equipment of industrial control system, installed in the motor front in order to realize the speed control and energy saving. Frequency conversion technology because of its excellent performance will be further promotion in the field of industrial control and precision control. High voltage frequency converter back-end main drag fan and pump type load, the actual energy saving effect of 30% 60%, the industry in the future market development will benefit from the change of large and medium-sized projects; Low voltage frequency converter and control layer and execution layer equipment automation control system, and the future development will benefit from the manufacturing equipment to upgrade. Look from whole, inverter industry will become increasingly fierce competition in our country. As the market is very tempting, potential capacity is very considerable, constantly attract new players to enter the industry, and the current market has formed a certain scale, the development of increasingly mature, the future of resource plundering, market fight will be inevitable. With technical progress, the stability of product quality gradually increased, and the service and price advantage, the competitiveness of domestic manufacturer will be more and more powerful. From the demand side, the inverter is also gradually diversification, the emergence of universal and special products are designed to meet the diverse needs of users. In addition, frequency converter manufacturers also pay more attention to product quality and the use of safe, actively seeking greater breakthrough, makes the inverter in the harsh environment also can be a very good job, and ensure the use safety and the user's normal production.
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