Technology is the biggest bottleneck of the development of inverter market in China

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-05
The 21st century, domestic inverter gradually rise, the Shanghai and shenzhen become the forefront of domestic inverter development, emerged a group of well-known domestic inverter. Shenzhen frost technology co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Frost technology & throughout; ) Was established in 2005, is the ability to produce the main magnetic flux vector high-end inverter manufacturers, won the title of 'high-tech enterprises in shenzhen city, and won the national innovation fund. Today, hc360 have the honor to invite to the frost, marketing director of science and technology ya-jun wang accept our interview. Started with frost technology to trade agent, in 2005 began producing product, in 2012 through a lot of professional technical and sales personnel introduction, into rapid development phase. At present, the company is increasing for the promotion of foreign markets, develop foreign markets. Four of the three-dimensional product structure as a collection of production, sales of integrated production-oriented enterprises, frost technology major production and sales of four series of products, ya-jun wang said to the reporter: & other; The first series is a miniature, FST - 500 pocket economical inverter, power section in 0. 4KW( Note: kw) - 0. Between 7 kw. The second is a general-purpose, FST - 600 general control frequency converter, power section in 0. 4 kw - Between the 630 kw; Furthermore is a high-end type, FST - 800 magnetic flux vector frequency converter, power section in 0. 75千瓦, Between the 630 kw, the high cost of some, but some high performance, it should be said that in the similar products is very has the advantage; The last is the FST - 700 medium voltage inverter, mainly based on voltage to differentiate between the models. ” Ya-jun wang said the miniature products are mainly used for the torque requirements is low, light load, power smaller occasions; Universal is widely applicable, apply to almost except some high-end and special occasions all other occasions; Some high-end model is often used in closed loop vector, the start torque and requiring higher control accuracy; And FST - 700 is commonly used in place of voltage is higher. Give priority to with these four products series, frost technology gradually set up a high, medium and low structure with special 3 d products. The domestic high-end market still is given priority to with foreign companies at this stage, frost technology production of these products has been successfully batch export to Russia, Pakistan, India and southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and set up long-term cooperation of distributor in Russia. Through contact with foreign inverter market over the years, ya-jun wang pointed out that the domestic market and foreign market to the reporter's markedly different: China's inverter market in the majority with small businesses, in technology, the scale and so on various aspects are behind the foreign countries, domestic enterprises from product quality, performance, etc, into the foreign market, in a short period of time can only is to breakthrough the price advantage. Ya-jun wang believes that the domestic enterprises to play their own brand on the market in a foreign country, must strengthen brand consciousness, at the same time, increasing investment in technology, expand the scale of the enterprise. In addition, the current domestic high-end market is basically is given priority to with foreign companies, such as ABB, Siemens, mitsubishi, and other foreign brand occupy the domestic market, most of the high performance of domestic enterprises to preempt the domestic high-end market, it is necessary to overcome the technical bottleneck, increase investment in technology. For frost of science and technology, it has one batch of high quality inverter r&d staff, have years of experience in research and development of frequency converter in a foreign country, at the same time established a wide cooperation relationship with domestic colleges and universities, technology research and development has always been the focus of the company. Technology is important bottleneck in the development of domestic inverter market about Chinese enterprise future development direction of frequency converter, ya-jun wang has his own opinion. Tell from the scale, China the number of frequency converter will reduce gradually, but the enterprise scale will be expanded, thus to big business monopoly; From a technical perspective, China's inverter manufacturing software technology and hardware quality will be further improved, and the technology which is also larger of domestic inverter development bottleneck, this not only on the frequency converter performance of the machine, but also in the core component of inverter, such as: IBGT, rectifier bridge, etc. Can these parts localization, performance, reliability, whether can catch up with the European and American famous brand, and also directly affect the inverter cost competitiveness of the whole machine. Can say Chinese inverter in the technology on the road, is still a long way to go. When asked about the 2025 'made in China manufacturing industry will be the inverter market impact, ya-jun wang told reporters: & other; Through the government guidance, resource integration, the implementation of the national manufacturing industry innovation center construction ( Note: this is the contents of the '2025' made in China) , as I have just spoken, domestic manufacturers of frequency converter, is integrated into a few large enterprises in the future, certainly will be eliminated small enterprise strength is not enough, it is inevitable trend. After on resource integration, the enterprise has the strength to increase investment, improve the production, so as to avoid price war, just also with strength and money to do more investment, will be building brand awareness, concepts. ” Interview in the end, ya-jun wang stressed to the reporter, frost technology will always put product quality and production technology in enterprise development in the first place, continue to take advanced product technology, development platform and rich manufacturing experience as the foundation, for new and old customers to provide quality and reliable, stable performance, technologically advanced frequency conversion transmission products.
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