Subdivision drive of three-phase stepping motor and driver Current

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-21
Three-phase stepping motor and driver current subdivision drive three-phase stepping motor generally connects the three-phase winding into a star or triangle. According to the basic theorem of the circuit, the sum of the three-phase current is zero. Therefore, only a given signal of the two-phase winding is usually generated, and the given signal of the third-phase winding can be obtained by other two phases. The driver of the three-phase stepping motor adopts current tracking and pulse width modulation technology, because the three-phase stepping motor has better low-speed stability and output torque than the two-phase stepping motor, therefore, three-phase stepping motor has a better application prospect than two-phase stepping motor. The traditional three-phase stepping motor control method is completed by hardware comparator. The working principle of three-phase stepping motor is very similar to that of AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor. The permanent magnet used on the rotor is also a rare earth permanent magnet material with high magnetic density, so the influence of induced current generated on the rotor on the rotor magnetic field can be ignored. Structurally, it is equivalent to a multi-pole logarithmic ac permanent magnet synchronous motor. Since the input is a three-phase sinusoidal current, the generated space magnetic field is distributed in a circular shape, and the torque characteristics of the three-phase stepping motor can be analyzed by the structure of the permanent magnet synchronous motor. For ease of analysis, the following assumptions can be made: a. The three-phase winding of the motor stator is completely symmetrical. B. Magnetic saturation, Eddy current and core loss are ignored. c. Excitation current has no dynamic response process. The running performance of stepping motor is closely related to its driver, and the shortcomings of stepping motor can be overcome through the improvement of driving technology. Compared with other driving modes, subdivision driving mode can not only reduce the step angle of stepping motor and improve resolution, but also reduce or eliminate low-frequency vibration, making the motor run more smoothly and evenly. In general, the control effect of subdivision drive is the best. Because the common low-end stepping motor servo system does not have encoder feedback, its internal control current decreases accordingly with the increase of motor speed, resulting in step loss. Therefore, it is widely used in fields with low speed and precision requirements. The main circuit of the driver adopts AC-Straight- The form of AC-voltage inverter consists of rectification filter circuit, three-phase inverter and stepping motor. The inverter realizes the conversion from direct current to variable frequency and variable voltage alternating current, providing the required alternating current for the stator winding of the three-phase stepping motor. The driver uses two resistors to detect the instantaneous value of the phase current of the stepping motor. The driving method of the Power Drive circuit shows that it has strong adaptability and can basically adapt to all three-phase stepping motors. Especially for star connection of three-phase windings, it runs smoothly at low frequencies without oscillation, effectively suppressing oscillation and noise. In addition, a variety of protection circuits are designed inside the driver to greatly improve the reliability of the entire stepper motor driver. Shenzhen ruite Technology Co. , Ltd. specializes in producing two-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor, three-phase stepping motor, two-phase stepping motor, linear stepping motor, screw stepping motor, deceleration stepping motor, brake stepping motor, hollow shaft stepping motor, Hybrid Stepping Motor, stepping motor driver, three-phase stepping motor driver, two-phase stepping motor driver, servo stepping motor driver, brushless motor, DC brushless motor, brushless geared motor, permanent magnet brushless motor, DC brushless geared motor, stepping motor controller, special synchronous wheel for stepping motor, matching gear for stepping motor. The company promises to make progress, take customers as the core, take quality as the survival, and sincerely take' Excellent quality, reasonable price, value-for-money service'We look forward to your inspection and guidance and sincere cooperation. Related reading: selection method of stepping motor and stepping motor driver hybrid stepping motor driver manufacturer decrypts Hybrid Stepping Motor TAG driver three-phase stepping motor
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