Subdivision debugging of three-phase stepping motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-21
The three-phase stepping motor driver is subdivided and debugged. The stepping motor driver is one of the electrical appliances commonly used in many automation industries. Today, the manufacturer of sharp stepping motor will tell you the subdivision and debugging method of the game three-phase stepping motor driver, ruite electromechanical is a new stepping motor' R & D manufacturer of stepper motor driver and servo motor. Subdivision is equivalent to'Control accuracy'Increased several times ( The angle of rotation of the motor caused by each pulse is small, and the error caused by losing several pulses during execution is small, and the control accuracy is high) If you want to keep the speed unchanged, the frequency should be increased by a corresponding multiple. For example, the original motor uses 200 pulses for one turn, and you make 2 subdivisions, then the motor needs 400 (200*2) Pulses: generally subdivided into 2,4, 8,16, 32; There may also be 64 and 128. Generally, subdivision is added to improve the control accuracy, but subdivision is realized by increasing the electrical pulse state. In fact, subdivision also has errors, but mechanical manufacturing accuracy also has errors, this cannot be completely avoided. The control of the stepping motor sends the required number of pulses to the driver of the stepping motor, and the driver drives the stepping motor to rotate according to the number of pulses sent. The specific rotation position and speed are set by the driver. TAG three-phase stepping motor drive
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