Strengthen the innovation is the key to the transformer industry occupy the market

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-05
At present, the important stage of the smart grid has entered into the comprehensive construction of the urban and rural power distribution network intelligent construction will be fully opened, the smart grid and intelligent equipment, intelligent power distribution, control system will usher in a golden development. This undoubtedly provides a good growth space for transformer industry. Big data show that in 2006 China's total production transformer of 736. 45 million kva, 17 higher than in 2005. 73%. According to incomplete statistics, 500 kv transformer output reached 41. 24 million kva, total 5. 60%. Transformer products import and export trade is still maintained a booming trend. Transformer and transformer import amount is 16. 2. 9 billion dollars. Transformer as the power industry essential power transmission and distribution equipment, its demand is closely related to the scale of investment in power grid. In recent years, the rapid development of new energy power generation industry, more transformer has brought the good development space, also be preempted market segment, transformer manufacturing enterprises to expand the business scope of the important direction. At the same time, also contributed to the transformer optimization of product structure and technology innovation. In the 1990 s, with the rapid development of economy in our country, the inverter in the rapid expansion in the industrial field, in the 21st century to the influence of economic crisis, but does not disturb the inverter market, as a whole remained stable state of development, as the demand of the inverter market expanding, increased the transformer production scale expansion. In promoting energy conservation and environmental protection under the premise of the inverter with its remarkable power-saving technology, welcomed the development of frequency converter and an opportunity, because the frequency converter involves the field widely, customer base is more, in the future, the inverter will continue toward the aim of customer service, will be the same products for different functional differences of improvement, to adapt to the requirements of different customers, so as to achieve a rapid development. Current, low voltage frequency converter products more users is given priority to with local users, respectively, the elevator in our country, electric power, heavy machinery, chemical industry and so on in the field of play an important role in promoting, even in the original variable frequency technology with fewer traffic areas too. And low voltage inverter with its advanced automation equipment in the transformer industry stable market to rise again. But if you want to enter the international market, now or there is a considerable pressure, due to the industrialization in China starts late, inverter market and Europe and the United States developed countries already mature and occupied the dominant position of the international market, if you want to join the international competition of the frequency converter industry, there must be some obstacles. The inverter power relative to foreign brands weaker, in both manufacturing technology and industrial design, with foreign brands have a big gap. Therefore, how to improve production technology, and speed up the design innovation is the key to the transformer industry occupy the domestic market.
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