Stepping motors can also be widely used in robots

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-19
The advantages of choosing stepping motors in robot design: 1. For motors with the same performance, stepping motors are cheaper than them; 2 stepper motors are brushless motors and have a longer life; 3 as a digital motor, it can be accurately positioned without slipping or overshoot; The drive module is not a linear amplifier, which means fewer heat sinks, higher efficiency and higher reliability; 5 drive module is cheaper than linear amplifier; There are no expensive servo-controlled electronic components because the signal originates directly from MPU; 7 Software failure safety, Main Control Board problem stepping pulse, if the software cannot work or collapse, the motor will stop automatically; 8 Electronic drive failure- Safety, if the motor is locked in case of driver amplifier failure, it will not work. When the servo driver fails, the motor can still run and may run at full speed; 9 speed control is accurate and repeatable (Crystal control); If necessary, the stepping motor runs extremely slowly. All ST robots have encoder feedback, which is relative to the software motor count. The system will stop if any errors cannot be corrected. Therefore, the integrity of the system is much higher. Stepping Motor low speed and high torque equipment makes transmission shorter, which means higher reliability, higher efficiency, smaller clearance and lower cost. It is this characteristic that makes stepping ideal for robots, because most robot movements require a cycle of high acceleration reaching low points in a short distance. Power-The weight ratio is higher than that of DC motor. Our answer: Most robot movements are long distance and high speed (So high power), But usually includes short-distance stop and start. In the application of robots, stepping motor is the most ideal motor at low speed and high torque. Stepping Motor positioning device, so there can be no wrong work, for example, excessive load will not slow down, but will stop. They cannot be used to exert the force of an independent position. Our answer: the robot is a position device, aiming to enter the exact position without errors. A robot whose encoder reports an error and stops further actions during first gear or collision. In some low-speed stepping motors, resonance synchronization and delay losses can be generated. Our answer: each stepping motor driver is controlled by an independent microprocessor, and the pseudo-sine of the driving motor is called micro-step. Microcode watch resonance and automatic switching of phase and current to compensate. Stepping motors make more noise. Our answer: in the micro-stepping mode running on the silent driver, the motor can be seen in the video throughout the speed range. Continuous Path and stepping motor are very difficult. Our answer is: motor, while ramp each motor up or down the necessary DSP hardware and software Stock time. The system has the advantage of diagonal zero overshoot- If the required direction cannot be reached, the change is reported in advance. TAG stepping motor, robot
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