Stepping motors are mostly used in large generators

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-13
Stepping motors are mostly used in large generators. By understanding the differences between stepping motors and asynchronous motors, we can find out that there are not only many differences in design, there are also differences in functions, and the two are also used in motor occasions, while stepping motors are mostly used in large generator occasions. The reason why stepping motors are used many times in large generators is mainly because of their unique working principle and overall structural design, this kind of motor can flexibly adjust the voltage and current phase on the input side through excitation, which means that the power factor of this kind of motor can be adjusted to an appropriate value according to the use requirements, this cannot be done by asynchronous motors. It is because of this that in large factories, when asynchronous motors are widely used, a stepping motor needs to be added to use, and this stepping type of motor is used as a camera, it is used to regulate the power factor at the interface between the factory and the power grid. Ruite stepping motor, moreover, due to its relatively complex structure, the cost and maintenance cost of stepping motor are higher than those of asynchronous motor, this means that when you use this kind of motor, the overall cost will be higher, which is usually only affordable by large manufacturers. The reason for this aspect can also promote the use of stepping motors in large generators. For more knowledge of linear stepping motor parameters, please consult ruite electromechanical Related reading: the influence of stepping motor on the development of motor industry the positioning of stepping motor is not allowed to TAG stepping motor
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