Stepping Motor, servo motor, rotating motor and their applications

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-18
Stepping Motor, servo motor, rotating motor and their applications. Stepping motor refers to an electromagnetic device that converts or transmits electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction. Its main function is to generate driving torque as a power source for electrical appliances or various machines. If the chip is the most important core component of the intelligent industry, then the motor can almost be said to be the most important component supporting the whole automation, large industrial production and modern society, 90% of the world's energy is generated by electric motors, while 70% is consumed by electric motors. Electric motors can be said to be the products that occupy an absolute position in the energy cycle of the whole human society. Stepping Motor is a device that converts electrical pulse into discrete mechanical motion and has good data control characteristics. Therefore, computer has become an ideal driving source for stepping motor, with the development of microelectronics and computer technology, the control method combining software and hardware has become the mainstream, that is, the control pulse is generated through programs to drive the hardware circuit. As a special motor for control, stepping motor cannot be directly connected to DC or AC power supply, so special driving power supply stepping motor driver must be used. Before the development of microelectronic technology, especially computer technology, the controller pulse signal generator was completely realized by hardware, and the control system used separate components or integrated circuits to form a control loop, which not only complicated debugging and installation, to consume a large number of components, and once finalized, to change the control scheme, the circuit must be redesigned. Servo motor is actually a relatively high-end type of motor, especially permanent magnet synchronous servo motor. Due to its fast starting, low inertia, smooth operation, wide speed regulation range and high power density, with the advantage of high efficiency, the popularization rate in high-end equipment is increasing year by year. Most servo applications adopt the transmission mode of reducer motor. The initial cost of the traditional system is attractive, and the performance has been widely used in various applications. The transmission mode of the reducer motor will lead to possible accumulated errors in high-precision occasions due to the transmission gap, therefore, the requirements for servo motors and servo drivers are especially high, and the service life of the reducer is also decreasing, which also increases the total service life cost. Users have to carry out inventory management on more components. Secondly, the system failure caused by these additional components will increase the unplanned downtime of the system and reduce the output of the machine. The rotating motor that directly generates the driving effect is essentially a disc permanent magnet motor with large torque, which is directly connected to the load. This design eliminates all mechanical transmission components, such as gear transmission, belt, pulley and coupling. Direct drive rotation system brings many benefits to designers and users. Because a mechanical transmission needs regular maintenance and will frequently cause unplanned downtime, the direct drive rotating motor technology fundamentally improves the reliability of the machine and reduces the maintenance time, the control difficulty is reduced. These motors are customized in nature, so they are more expensive and require weeks or even months of design and integration time. In addition, once the system fails, the removal and replacement process of the motor or feedback device is also extremely complicated. Therefore, the rotating motor technology is not suitable for every application. Its most extensive application is in airborne and ground vehicles, such as night vision devices, radar systems and aiming control of weapon systems, as well as those high-end industrial applications with high requirements on size, weight or performance, such as robots or precision grinding machines. Related reading: stepping motor and stepping motor driver brushless DC motor: Principle, advantages, application! TAG stepper motor
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