Stepping motor manufacturers decrypt stepping motor industry

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-14
Stepping motor manufacturers decrypt stepping motor industry stepping motor industry trend: 1. The rise of emerging industries, the expansion of the stepper motor market space, safe city, anti-terrorism to promote security needs. 2. Stepping motors for automobiles have a broad market space, and Micromotors are one of the key components of automobiles. DC motors and SKD stepping motors are commonly used in automobiles. The application of motor in automobile electric control mainly includes :(1) Basic transmission control: control of engine temperature management fan motor, engine management motor, gearbox and suspension system, gearbox and transmission system actuator, valve actuator, etc. (2) Equipped with high-end cars to improve comfort and driving operability: Electric power steering motor, electronic parking brake motor, headlights steering actuator, grid actuator, electric window driver, etc. In general, economy cars are equipped with more than 20 motors and mid-range cars are equipped with 30- 40 sets, more than 50 high-end cars, more than 70 luxury cars. With the continuous optimization of automobile safety, energy saving and comfort, the demand for automobile motors will be further expanded. Stepping Motor Industry unveiled---Stepper motor manufacturer Sier electronics (SKD)Risk the risk! SKD in the industry has been insisting on continuous innovation, promoting energy saving, creating new energy, making energy saving and environmental protection stepping motor stepper motor driver and so on. Stepping motors have the characteristics of anti-electromagnetic interference, light weight, short weight, low energy consumption, high performance, high reliability and the like, and gradually have the trend of replacing traditional DC Brush Motors. 3. Stepping Motor Industry unveiled--- Stepping motors maintain rapid growth in 3D printing. As a typical representative of professional printing equipment, 3D printing has a wide range of application scenarios and has maintained a rapid growth momentum in recent years. In 2016, global shipments of consumer/desktop 3D printers were 57. 5%. 820 thousand units, up 108% year-on-year; Shipments of industrial 3D printers 2. 580 thousand units, up 44% year-on-year. Wohlers predicts that based on the development status of 3D printing technology, the market size will reach 211 in 2020. $9. 8 billion. Stepping motors are widely used in printers, fax machines, inkjet printers, spraying equipment, etc. HB stepping motor is also used in 3D printing equipment to realize control. According to the current equipment structure, a desktop 3D printer needs at least 4 HB stepping motors, while for industrial 3D printers, the number and precision of HB stepping motors will be higher. 4. Stepping Motor Industry unveiled--- Communication technology is upgraded to promote motor demand. Antenna is an important part of mobile communication base station *. Antenna needs to adjust the inclination angle to optimize signal quality. Antennas are divided into mechanical antennas (Manual adjustment)With the electrically adjustable antenna (Electronic adjustment). Stepping motor is an important part of the electrically modulated antenna on the base station, which provides power support for the downtilt adjustment of the antenna. Before the 3G era, mechanical antennas were used. Starting from 4G, basically an electrically adjustable antenna has been used. 5. Stepping motor manufacturers have gone out--- The application of stepping motors in the medical field is gradually expanding, and the application of stepping motors in medical instruments and equipment is extensive and showing an expanding trend, such as prism monochromator, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic dilution, insulin pump, respiratory equipment, blood testing equipment, ophthalmic testing equipment, syringe pump, artificial dialysis equipment, etc. In the future, medical equipment that replaces manual completion of treatment tasks, motion preparation and high-mute use of motors will continue to be used in clinical practice. Stepping motors with higher precision, multi-positioning and easy control will be applied more in medical equipment. 6. Stepping motor manufacturers have gone out--- Stepping motor is an important component in industrial automation. Stepping motor is widely used in the field of factory automation due to its characteristics of fast response speed, high reliability and simple pulse open loop control structure, there are mainly factory automation production equipment (Industrial robot)Flexible conveying equipment (Mobile robot) , Intelligent monitoring system, digital management system, etc. The rapid development of industrial automation industry will surely drive the continuous expansion of demand for stepping motors. TAG stepping, stepping motor, motor, stepping motor manufacturer, stepping motor stepping motor industry
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