Stepping Motor compared with traditional motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-11
Compared with traditional motors, stepping motors are now more and more useful in manufacturing. It can be said that stepping motors are not easy from research and development to material selection to production, this is a test for the manufacturing process of manufacturers, because for some front-line employees, it requires understanding of machinery and motor knowledge, the stepping motor is a pulse signal to control the rotation angle of the motor, and at the same time it can also control the speed. We cannot only consider the current when matching the stepping driver. The stepping motor is highly used, it can be said that the manufacturing of stepping motor is the professional knowledge of electronics, motor, machinery and electricity. We can clearly see the difference between stepping motor and ordinary motor through comparison. Stepping Motor, which is an executive device that converts pulse signals into step angle. The stepping motor is set according to the program and then carries out the corresponding rotation angle, and can also control its rotation speed, the speed can be adjusted easily. The traditional motor is only a kind of motor that converts electric quantity into kinetic energy, gradually, the progress of people's science and technology, ordinary motors alone, can no longer meet people's special requirements, especially in the current automation equipment and motion control requirements, at this time, the stepping motor was extended to replace the traditional motor, and the current stepping motor has low noise, is relatively small in noise and is stable and safe in operation. Therefore, the ordinary motor will be replaced by the stepping motor. The stepping motor can complete the work that the traditional motor cannot complete and the special requirements, therefore, Xiao Bian suggested that if you want to use stepping motors, you should still give priority to the use of stepping motors, which will have a qualitative leap in terms of work efficiency, stability and product quality. Related reading: Types and composition structure of Rui Te stepping motor, Shenzhen Longhua motor manufacturer introduced TAG stepping motor, compared with traditional
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