Stepping Motor and servo motor cannot be separated from stepping motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-18
Stepping motors and servo motors cannot be separated from stepping motor drivers. Everyone knows that AC servo motors need stepping motor drivers to operate. The rotating speed of ordinary AC motors is generally about 1400 rpm, why 1400? Because the general power supply is 220V and 50Hz, that is, 50 phase changes per second, while the general motor is 4 poles, that is, two phase changes and one turn, in addition, the ordinary AC motor is not synchronous, but AC asynchronous motor, so it is a little slower than the theoretical speed of 50/2*60 = 1500, so it is usually about 1400 revolutions. It can be seen that the rotating speed of the motor can be changed by changing the power supply frequency. Such a controller corresponding to a common motor is called a frequency converter. The control of servo motor is more complicated. It is necessary to change frequency, voltage and current to achieve comprehensive control of motor speed, torque and position. Servo driver is used for this purpose. The AC servo motor needs a driver to operate. The servo driver is only responsible for giving frequency and voltage, and the motor makes corresponding instructions. The servo controller is responsible for changing the frequency, voltage and direction. The AC servo motor needs to be driven to run. In addition, the servo controller has no logic control capability. If the servo motor needs to rotate slowly, then rotate fast, then stop somewhere, then reverse, etc, these signals are the responsibility of the upper controller of the servo controller, such as PLC and motion controller. Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Technology Co. , Ltd. is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, it is a stepping motor manufacturer integrating research and development, production and sales of stepping motor drivers, servo drivers, stepping motors, servo motors and spindle servo motors. The company's core products include servo drivers, Hybrid Stepping Motor Drivers, servo motors and stepping motor manufacturers of various stepping motors. Products are widely used in CNC machine tools, milling machines, packaging, printing, textile, computer embroidery, engraving machines, medical machinery, sewing machines, logistics and other automation control fields and intelligent manufacturing industries. In the process of operation, the company always insists on innovation and quality first, providing customers with products with high cost performance. Related reading: What are the characteristics of stepper motor drivers? The latest domestic top ten motor brands list TAG stepping motor
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