Stepper motor manufacturers take you to understand the single bipolar stepper driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-20
Stepping motor manufacturers take you to understand the single-bipolar stepping driver. Today, the stepping motor manufacturers will tell you about the special single-bipolar stepping driver. I believe you will understand this problem after reading it, I hope I can help you. In fact, let's talk about it in detail. The unipolar stepper driver and the bipolar stepper driver are just abbreviations. They only refer to the driving part. Naturally, there are differences between them, this unipolar is half bridge, so the double bridge is naturally full bridge, and then its torque is relatively large, which is the current stepping motor with two phases and four lines, basically, it is driven by a full bridge type, which is what we just said about bipolar. Another is that the connection of unipolar drive is the same for the motor, and the difference lies in the stepping drive, the same unipolar driving mode is much lower than bipolar driving mode in terms of power supply benefit rate, the maximum working current of the existing motor is exactly the same as the rated current of this standard, and most of them are mainly driven by bipolar. Related reading: Stepping Motor Manufacturer: stepping motor is a kind of personalized motor. Some factors in the development of stepping motor manufacturers introduce TAG driver and stepping motor manufacturer.
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