Stepper motor driver R86-G manual download

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-10
Stepper motor driver R86- G instruction attachment download R86 stepper motor driver can select operating current and subdivision through DIP switch, with 16 subdivision and 8 current selections, with overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent current protection, the input and output control signals adopt photoelectric isolation. Power supply 20- 80 VAC/24- 100VDC output current maximum 7. 2 amps (Peak) Stepper motor driver R8 current control PID current control algorithm, subdivision setting dial switch setting, 16 kinds of speed range selection suitable stepper motor, up to 3000rpm resonance suppression automatic calculation resonance point, suppressing intermediate frequency vibration parameters adaptive driver initialization automatically detects motor parameters, optimizes control performance, and pulse mode supports direction & Pulse, CW/CCW double pulse, A/B orthogonal pulse input, pulse filtering 2MHz digital signal filter, idle current, automatic halving of current after motor stops running, I hope our products with excellent performance can help you successfully complete the Sports Control Project. Please read this technical manual before using this product. Stepper motor driver R86- G manual download Related reading: How to choose stepping motor model? Stepper motor drive 3R60 manual download TAG stepper motor R86-G Drive
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