Stepper motor driver manual R60

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-09
Stepper motor driver manual R60 download address 1. R60-D driver function introduction R60- D is a special motion control driver customized by Shenzhen ruite for customers. R60- D is potentiometer speed regulation function/two-axis synchronous driver speed regulation port is externally connected with an adjustable rheostat (Recommendation 10-20K or so)The voltage is provided inside the driver. DIP switch SW6. SW7. SW8 selected speed range. Adjust the rheostat to change the real-time rotation speed of the motor. Commutation signal, by OPTO and DIR- The optocoupler at both ends is determined, the optocoupler is turned on and off, the motor turns to the opposite, and the voltage is 24 V. The enable signal controls the current output of the Driver and Motor by OPTO and ENA- The optocoupler at both ends is determined. The optocoupler is turned on and off, and the current output of the corresponding driver to the motor is turned off and output, with a total voltage of 24 V. 2. Control signal wiring, driver wiring terminal is defined as follows: function label definition power input terminal V input DC power positive V- Input DC power supply negative Motor Terminal 1 A is connected to Phase 1 Motor A and ends A- B connected with No. 1 Motor B and wound both ends B- Motor Terminal 2 A is connected to Motor No. 2 A and ends A- B connected to No. 2 motor B and wound both ends B- Speed Regulation Port 5V potentiometer left End AIN potentiometer adjustment end GND potentiometer right end, enable and commutation OPTO24V power supply positive end DIR-Reversing terminal ENA-Enable Terminal 3. Dial Code and parameter setting, current setting, acceleration gear, speed regulation range adjustable 3. 1 Current setting, peak current SW1SW2SW3SW4 remarks 0. 3ONONONON can be customized with other current values of 0. 5OFFONONON 0. 7ONOFFONON 1. 0OFFOFFONON 1. 3ONONOFFON 1. 6OFFONOFFON 1. 9ONOFFOFFON 2. 2OFFOFFOFFON 2. 5ONONONOFF 2. 8OFFONONOFF 3. 2ONOFFONOFF 3. 6OFFOFFONOFF 4. 0ONONOFFOFF 4. 4OFFONOFFOFF 5. 0ONOFFOFFOFF 5. 6 offoffoffoff dip SW1. SW2. SW3. SW4 is used to set the current value 3 output by the driver to the motor. 2 Speed range speed range SW6SW7SW8 remarks 0 ~ 100ONONON can be customized other speed control range 0 ~ 150OFFONON 0 ~ 200ONOFFON 0 ~ 250OFFOFFON 0 ~ 300ONONOFF 0 ~ 350OFFONOFF 0 ~ 400ONOFFOFF 0 ~ 450OFFOFFOFF 3. 3 acceleration gear dial SW5 is used to set the acceleration when speed regulation: OFF means acceleration gear 1; ON indicates the acceleration Gear 2 TAG R60 driver
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