Stepper motor and Arduino are used as rotary encoder

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-17
The stepping motor works by alternately rotating a series of magnets to rotate its shaft at a certain angle. When manually rotating the shaft, these magnets generate electrical signals in a predictable mode, as shown in the following video, which can be used as an encoder with the help of Arduino Uno. Although this article points out that if the step encoder rotates too slowly, it will not work reliably, it seems to work well at the rather low speed shown in the demonstration. I want to tell you how to make incremental encoders with stepping motors. When we turn the shaft of the stepping motor, it acts like a generator. It generates a certain pulse on the coil. After some signal processing, we get the same pulse as the incremental encoder. The encoder has a problem. If it rotates slowly, it may fall. But for many applications, this is not important. TAG stepper motor Arduino
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