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by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-20
Stepping all-in-one machine manufacturers have complete models. Before installation, confirm whether the motor and planetary reducer are in good condition, and strictly check whether the sizes of each part connected with the reducer match, here are the dimensions and fitting tolerances of the positioning boss input shaft and Reducer groove of the motor. Correct installation, use and maintenance of speed reducer is an important link in the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Therefore, when installing the planetary reducer, please carefully assemble and use it in strict accordance with the following installation and use related matters. Stepping all-in-one machine manufacturers have complete models. In a closed reducer, each pair of gears will generate heat when friction occurs in meshing. According to Boyle maliot's law, with the extension of running time, the temperature in the reducer box is gradually increased, while the volume in the reducer box is unchanged, so the pressure in the box is increased, and the lubricating oil in the box is splashed and sprinkled on the inner wall of the reducer box. Due to the strong permeability of the oil, under the pressure in the box, where the seal is not strict, the oil will seep out. The linear screw stepping motor with increased pressure in the oil tank is simple in structure and consists of few components, so less lubrication is required (Linear guide rail needs regular lubrication). This means that its service life is longer and its operation is cleaner. In contrast, the traditional drive system consists of more than 20 components, including the U-shaped bearing pillow block of the motor coupling ball screw and the lubrication system. In the field of aerospace, there are high requirements for the precision of mechanical devices. Linear stepping motor, with its advantages, can meet the requirements of application in aviation industry. In this regard, the article introduces the working principle and structural characteristics of linear stepping motor and its comparison with traditional stepping machine, and tells the advantages and disadvantages of this stepping machine, after that, the application of linear stepping motor in aviation field is introduced in detail. At present, there are two types of rotor structures that are widely used: squirrel cage rotor with high resistivity guide bars made of conductive materials with high resistivity. In order to reduce the moment of inertia of the rotor, the rotor is made slender; The other is a hollow cup-shaped rotor made of aluminum alloy. The Cup wall is very thin. Only, in order to reduce the magnetic resistance of the magnetic circuit, a fixed internal stator should be placed in the hollow cup-shaped rotor. Hollow Cup rotor is widely used because of its small moment of inertia, rapid response and stable operation. The rotor of the current servo motor is usually made into a squirrel cage type, but in order to make the servo motor have linear mechanical characteristics with a wide speed regulation range, there is no'Rotation' Phenomenon and fast response performance, compared with ordinary motors, it should have the characteristics of large rotor resistance and small moment of inertia. Off-line signal, when the stepping motor stops, the coil has phase power, the function of power to lock the rotor, so that the rotor can not move, when the rotor needs to be moved, the off-line signal needs to be given, the phase winding is completely cut off, and the direction signal of the rotor in a free rotation state mainly controls the phase sequence of power-on ,-Clockwise ,- The main function of anticlockwise is to distribute the received pulse signal to control the conduction of the corresponding transistor of the power amplifier and the coil of the stepping motor. The ring distributor receives pulse signals (P)Direction signal (IR)Offline signal (FR) Stepping all-in-one machine manufacturers have complete models, and the servo is mainly positioned by pulses. Basically, it can be understood in this way that when the servo motor receives one pulse, it will rotate the angle corresponding to one pulse, so as to realize displacement, because the servo motor itself has the function of issuing pulses, the servo motor will issue a corresponding number of pulses at each rotation angle, thus, it echoes the Pulse received by the servo motor, or is called a closed loop. In this way, the system will know how many pulses are sent to the servo motor and how many pulses are received at the same time. In this way, it can control the rotation of the motor very well, thus realizing the positioning, which can be achieved. 'Smooth' It does not control the phase current of the motor, but only slows down the change rate of the current, so'Smooth' No micro-step is generated, and subdivided micro-step can be used for positioning. Some domestic stepper motor drivers use'Smooth' To replace subdivision, some are also called subdivision, but this is not a real subdivision, shenzhen xingfengyuan electromechanical suggests that customers must distinguish the essence of the two. The main function of the stepper motor driver subdivision is to improve the rate of stepper motors. TAG stepping all-in-one machine manufacturer model
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