Speed Characteristics of servo stepping motor driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
The speed characteristics of servo stepping motor driver, the speed of stepping motor depends on pulse frequency, number of rotor teeth and number of beats. Its angular velocity is proportional to the pulse frequency and is synchronized with the pulse in time. Therefore, under the condition that the number of rotor teeth and the number of running beats are certain, the required speed can be obtained as long as the pulse frequency is controlled. Since the stepping motor is started by means of its synchronous torque, the starting frequency is not high in order not to lose step. Especially with the increase of power, the rotor diameter increases and the inertia increases, and the difference between the starting frequency and the highest operating frequency may be as much as 10 times. In order to give full play to the fast performance of the motor, the motor is usually started lower than the starting frequency, and then the pulse frequency is gradually increased until the desired speed, the selected change rate should ensure that the motor does not lose step and shorten the starting acceleration time as much as possible. In order to ensure the positioning accuracy of the motor, the motor must be gradually reduced from the highest speed to the speed that can be stopped (Equal to or slightly greater than the startup speed). Hot recommendation: servo stepping motor driver/17 Related reading: stepping motor and servo motor, domestic stepping motor driver brand TAG driver, servo stepping motor
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