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special electric motor controller sanitation manufacturer for industry equipment

special electric motor controller sanitation manufacturer for industry equipment

Special electric motor controller sanitation manufacturer for industry equipment

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V&T's ev motor controller is commonly praised in the market due to good materials, fine workmanship, reliable quality, and favorable price.V&T's ev motor controller is produced in strict accordance with standards. We make ensure that the products have more advantages over similar products in the following aspects.
Product Details
In the production, V&T believes that detail determines result and quality creates brand. This is the reason that we strive for excellence in every product detail.Well-chosen in material, fine in workmanship, excellent in quality and favorable in price, V&T's variable frequency drive is highly competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.
Company Advantages
1. V&T Technologies dc electric motor controller is manufactured through strict material selection procedures.
2. This product has good anti-static property. The fabric is carefully treated with antistatic finishing agent to eliminate any electrostatic discharge.
3. This product will prevent the unpleasant feeling of waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat.
4. People can count on it to bring a wonderful camping experience. All the properties of its parts make it ideal for keeping one cozy.
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Technical Parameter

V6-H-4D90G  Three-in-one Drive Motor Controller (MCU+DC/DC+ PDU)

Adaptable motor type

Permanent magnet synchronous motor、Three phase asynchronous motor

Applicable vehicle type

Medium Bus、Logistics Vehicle、Passenger Car

Product type


Rated input voltage

DC 540V

Rated power


Input voltage range

DC  350V~750V

Rated output current


Maximum output current


Output frequency range


Protection level


Cooling type

Water cooling

Outline dimension




Outline Dimension

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Detailed Description

Three-in-one controller: The three-in-one controller is referred to as INV2CON, APU (Auxilary Power Unit), also known as auxiliary power controller. It is an indispensable electric accessory for pure electric buses. Its functions include 1 DCDC (CONverter) and two Inverters (INVerter). DCDC converts the high-voltage electricity of the vehicle's high-voltage battery pack into the low-voltage electricity of the low-voltage system for the low-voltage control system to work. Two inverters drive two electric motors respectively, providing power sources for hydraulic power steering and braking systems.

Functions and features:

 The product adopts speed sensorless vector control technology and torque control technology that are synchronized with the current international advanced technology. It not only has the same excellent control performance as the international high-end inverter, but also combines the characteristics of China's application to further strengthen the reliability of the product Adaptability to the environment and the customized and industrialized design can better meet the needs of various transmission applications;

 The maximum efficiency at full load is over 95%;

Full digital control, with diagnostic function, can expand full digital CAN communication control;

 Over temperature, short circuit, over current and other protection functions are complete.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.Ltd. is a perfect example of truly high-quality dc electric motor controller . We have engaged in R&D, manufacture, and marketing since establishment.
2. V&T Technologies has established its own technology center to meet the continuous innovation of technology.
3. To achieve the goal of being an influential electric motor controller supplier, Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.Ltd. strives to serve customers with their best service. Get quote! To serve customers better, V&T Technologies has established its own service team. Get quote! Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.Ltd. has been endeavoring to ensure the quality of the service. Get quote!



1. Use module framework. Several modules can be selected flexibly.


 2. PMAC802 provides 12 protection functions such as start overtime protection, overload protection, overcurrent protection, phase failure protection, current unbalance protection, earth fault/leakage current protection, short circuit protection, underload protection, external fault protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, under power protection, phase sequence error protection, EEx e overload protection, temperature (PTC/NTC) protection, analog input protection.


 3. Provides measurements of three phases current, three phase /phase voltage, zero phase sequence current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency, and active energy measurements.


 4. Provides protection, direct starter, reversing direct starter, star/delta starter, and autotransformer starter etc motor starting control modes.


 5. Main module provides 9 DIs for start, stop and reset etc. signals input. If more DIs are needed, an extended digital module can be selected. Some of the DIs are programmable.


6. Main module provides 5 DOs to meet varies of starting control modes and protection action. If more DOs are needed, an extended digital module can be selected. Some of the DOs are programmable.


7. Provides 4~20mA analog output for DCS.


8. Through an extended analog module, 2 analog input or 1 analog and 1 hot resistance input can be added.


9. Small size and compact configuration.


10. Easy installation. Proper for 35mm DIN rail.



1. Protection:

start overtimeYESYES
Over load YES YES
Over current YES YES
Phase failure YES YES
Current unbalance YES YES
Short circuit YES YES
Earth fault YES YES
Under load YES YES
External fault YES YES
Leakage current optional optional 
Temperture ( PTC/ NTC)  optional
Over voltage optional optional
Under voltage optional  optional
Under power  optional
Phase sequence error   optional
EEx e overload (tE) optonal optional
Analog input  optioanl



2. Measurement:

ParametersPMAC802    PMAC801    
3 phase current, neutral current, unbalance rateYESYES
3 phase voltageoptionaloptional
active / reactive poweroptionaloptional
leakage currentoptionaloptional
power factoroptionaloptional
active energy (kwh)optionaloptional




Product Description
                            ELECTRIC MOTOR CAR CONTROLLER


>TI 28335 Series +AU 6802;

>Infineon Tri-C Series +AD 1215;

>Xilinx fpga based: Multi Phase Pole (MPP) +RDC integrated


2. Power Module Options

  >IGBT: 400~800A; 600V

  >IPM:  100~300A; 600V

  >MOSFET: 50~200A;48~72V;


3. Cooling Options,




4.PMSM+Controller integrated simulations;


5. Advanced Motion Control SW for PMSM

The shape is among the most important in fashion design of V&T Technologies dc electric motor controller. The goal of its shape is to compliment the shape of the body. This product does not contain any formaldehyde and BBP
V&T Technologies dc electric motor controller is created with the appropriate fabric which is chosen on the basis of fashion trends, quality, performance, price, and suitability. This product has passed the domestic GB certification
The adoption of suitable equipment for V&T Technologies electric motor controller manufacture increases product quality. The selection is dictated by sewing stitch type and/or seam type so as to make the manufacture successful. This product does not have a pungent odor
V&T Technologies electric motor controller complies with the safety standard. Tests carried out on raw yarn, finished textiles, garments, and accessories ensure the safety of the finished product. The product has gone through the clinical experiment to guarantee its safety and consistency
V&T Technologies electric motor controller is designed professionally. It is created by our designers who have mastered the nuts and bolts of garment construction and full of confidence in creating garments that are flattering. The product has passed the lead test
It has reliable colorfastness. It is mandatory to identify and eliminate any possible colorfastness risks prior to production. The product has been sterilized during production
It helps protect eyes and eyelids from horizontal glare that can cause dangerous eye diseases such as macular degeneration.
The product features all-round protection. It adopts high-performance and insulating electrical components, which can effectively prevent any sudden electrical problem. This product is soft and comfortable for babies' delicate skins
This product is electrically safe. The demands placed on glow wire resistance of the plastics used for insulating or mounting live components have been increased. The product has passed the pull test to avoid the embellishments being pulled off
It is not prone to rust in rigorous conditions. It has been painted with a layer of coatings on the surface. The coatings offer a protective or decorative function. This product has passed the domestic GB certification
The product features constant high productivity. The essential components are frequently upgraded to offer the desired and new functionality during operation. This product is not prone to fade
Good moisture management of this product will regulate the body temperature and help maintain heat balance, thus the wearer will feel more comfortable. This product is not likely to affect the development of the reproductive and nervous systems of babies
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