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special automatic motor controller aircooling motor manufacturer for industry equipment

special automatic motor controller aircooling motor manufacturer for industry equipment

Special automatic motor controller aircooling motor manufacturer for industry equipment

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Product Details
V&T's ev motor controller has excellent performances by virtue of the following excellent details.V&T insists on the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology to manufacture ev motor controller. Besides, we strictly monitor and control the quality and cost in each production process. All this guarantees the product to have high quality and favorable price.
Enterprise Strength
  • V&T receives converted recognition from customers depending on good product quality and a comprehensive service system.
Company Advantages
1. The raw materials of V&T Technologies 12 volt motor controller are superior and environmentally-friendly.
2. The performance of this product has reached the international advanced level. .
3. The product not only offers comfort and support to the feet but also absorbs the impact to help reduce the chances of an ankle injury.
4. People can count on this product to gain enough wiggle rooms to adjust flexibly to their movements no matter they stretch, walk, or squat.
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Technical Parameter

V6-H-4D90G  Three-in-one Drive Motor Controller (MCU+DC/DC+ PDU)

Adaptable motor type

Permanent magnet synchronous motor、Three phase asynchronous motor

Applicable vehicle type

Medium Bus、Logistics Vehicle、Passenger Car

Product type


Rated input voltage

DC 540V

Rated power


Input voltage range

DC  350V~750V

Rated output current


Maximum output current


Output frequency range


Protection level


Cooling type

Water cooling

Outline dimension




Outline Dimension

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Detailed Description

Three-in-one controller: The three-in-one controller is referred to as INV2CON, APU (Auxilary Power Unit), also known as auxiliary power controller. It is an indispensable electric accessory for pure electric buses. Its functions include 1 DCDC (CONverter) and two Inverters (INVerter). DCDC converts the high-voltage electricity of the vehicle's high-voltage battery pack into the low-voltage electricity of the low-voltage system for the low-voltage control system to work. Two inverters drive two electric motors respectively, providing power sources for hydraulic power steering and braking systems.

Functions and features:

 The product adopts speed sensorless vector control technology and torque control technology that are synchronized with the current international advanced technology. It not only has the same excellent control performance as the international high-end inverter, but also combines the characteristics of China's application to further strengthen the reliability of the product Adaptability to the environment and the customized and industrialized design can better meet the needs of various transmission applications;

 The maximum efficiency at full load is over 95%;

Full digital control, with diagnostic function, can expand full digital CAN communication control;

 Over temperature, short circuit, over current and other protection functions are complete.

Company Features
1. Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.Ltd. has made breakthroughs in the development and manufacture of 12 volt motor controller over the years. We are a market known company in China.
2. Our automatic motor controller are all produced by the top technology and equipment in this field which has a strong foundation for the upgrading of high-end products.
3. By applying electric vehicle motor controller design into electric car motors and controllers , V&T Technologies has won much appreciation. Get price! Shenzhen V&T Technologies Co.Ltd. insists on taking electric bus motor controller as the direction of business development. Get price! We are always ready to help customers for any possible problems about our Electric Vehicle motor controller . Get price! Implementing the tenet of torque motor controller with our heart and soul, we sincerely serve the enterprise. Get price!
V&T Technologies electric vehicle motor controller design has gone through a board range of quality tests. They are rub resistance, flexibility, colorfastness, the strength of extension, and folding resistance. Its high suction lift is guaranteed by the reinforcement of its hose
A board range of quality tests for V&T Technologies electric car motors and controllers will be seriously carried out. They include tests of anti-slip resistance, wearing resistance, bending, rigidity, breathability, and seaming strength. It can be designed with a constant or variable torque characteristic
Extensive physical performance tests for V&T Technologies 12 volt motor controller have been carried out. These tests include slip and flex cracking resistance testing, bond adhesion testing, seam & attachment strength testing, and colorfastness testing. Constant running is guaranteed owing to its close-tolerance fit between element and case
V&T Technologies torque motor controller has passed the necessary tests that are required in the furniture industry. These tests cover a broad spectrum of aspects such as inflammability, moisture resistance, antibacterial property, and stability. The product can be used to maintain a specific water level
Various fashion designing principles are adopted in the design of V&T Technologies electric bus motor controller. They include unity, proportion, lines, style, color matching, and so on. The efficiencies of this product run as high as 90% under optimum conditions
The product is not easy to fade. It is provided with a weather coat that is efficient in UV resistance and the blocking of sunlight exposure. This product is able to work with weak corrosive liquid
This product has enough shock-absorption. It has an effective cushioning system to absorb a high amount of energy during impact. It can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, and plastic
The product is not susceptible to shrink. The fabrics used have been pre-shrunk to make the shrinkage tendency to the minimal level. Compared to other traditional pumps, it features less vibration
The product is renowned for its straight and smooth seaming. The fabric has been fed through the sewing machines at a constant rate to prevent puckering. Its delivery per cycle remains constant regardless of changes in pressure
This product is not subject to loss of power due to frictional resistance. In the design phase, careful attention has been given to the matter of lubrication of all surfaces which moves in contact with others. Constructed of durable materials, it has a protective shield for its surface
This product features the desired stretch strength. It has been checked by using medium force along all its seams, edges, and openings (e.g. an armhole and neckline). It's used to remove excess water from swimming pools, fountains, and basements
The product is widely used in hotels and offices, which provide a wide range of possibilities for more efficient use of available space. This product has the advantage of big flow and strong sucking
Using this product can increase the comfort of living no matter at home, in offices or industries. People can see notable health benefits in the long run. The product has a high capacity filtering effect
This mattress can help one sleep soundly through the night, which tends to improve memory, sharpen the ability to focus, and keep the mood elevated as one tackle their day. Featuring high-strength wear resistance, it's suitable for various industrial applications
This product creates immense value and high-end feelings to the homes with great flexibility to fit any building decoration styles. It can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, and plastic
Buildings with this product will be easier (and more affordable) to maintain and will last longer in general, as they have this additional protective shield. With a pressure filter, it features excellent suction capacity
The product has been received in many industries, such as packaging, apparels, daily supplies such as curtains, carpet, cloth, etc. The product can be used to maintain a specific water level
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