Solution to servo interference problem

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-23
How to deal with the problem of servo interference 1. Confirm the problem. If the positioning of the servo stepping motor is not accurate, Please monitor it through Panasonic servo debugging software to make sure that the servo has lost pulses or multiple pulses, confirm whether it is a motor problem or a mechanical problem; On Panasonic servo debugging softwareMonitor'View In menu'Command pulse sum' Whether it is consistent with the number of instructions sent by the controller. If it is inconsistent, it can be determined that it is disturbed. Please clear it before testing; Second, the method of handling motor interference 1, encoder, power line, control signal line must use shielded cables; 2. The motor control cabinet should be arranged reasonably, and the equipment with high frequency should be kept away from servo drive, switch power supply and genuine big-name manufacturers as far as possible; 3. When the 24V output of DC24V switching power supply is used, a DC filter ( The filter voltage must be marked below DC110V, and the current is selected according to actual demand) The ground wire of on and off power supply is connected to the ground terminal of the filter; 4. When using computer board card control, the multi-P plug of the control line must be driven by servo and shared with the device; The same is true when PLC is used; 5. If conditions permit, the pulse control line should use twisted pairs as much as possible, and the pulse line can be strung into a magnetic ring as needed. 6. In the case that the above measures have been used, please enter an AC filter (Current is selected according to actual conditions); The filter must be grounded; The above can basically solve most common interference problems. If interference cannot be eliminated through the above measures, please contact the supplier for handling! Related reading: Advantages and application fields of servo motors how to choose servo motors and reducers? TAG servo interference problem handling
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