Soft start mode of inverter

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-14
Most of the fermenters currently used in the pharmaceutical industry use traditional constant speed stirring. The speed of this mixer is set according to the characteristics of a certain production bacteria and with reference to the maximum speed of the feeding requirements of different growth and metabolism stages of the production bacteria. Production Practice has proved that this traditional constant speed mixer can no longer meet the needs of today's high-tech development. This article will discuss the implementation of inverter application in this field. According to the different production bacteria of penicillin and the different requirements of different growth and metabolism stages, and the dominant position of Agitator speed on dissolved oxygen concentration, it is necessary to modify the speed regulation technology of the traditional mixer of penicillin fermenter. Through the transformation project, the process parameters such as Agitator speed, ventilation volume, dissolved oxygen concentration and tank pressure in penicillin fermentation process are organically combined to promote the optimal production metabolic conditions of production bacteria. In this case, we changed the habit of applying imported frequency converters and boldly adopted domestic Huawei frequency converters to carry out technical transformation on the constant speed agitator of the fermenter, confirming that its operation is very good. Since the speed of the agitator in the penicillin fermentation tank is effectively controlled and adjusted, the production process conditions are successfully improved, and the speed of the agitator is moderately reduced during the penicillin fermentation cycle, effectively curbed the vigorous formation of fermentation broth foam, reduced the chance of bacteria dyeing, and reduced the amount of killing agent in each batch of cans by about 62, which brought convenient conditions for our strain test work, reliable scientific basis was obtained to increase the fermentation unit of penicillin output by 16. 70. Experimental data show that when the fermenter mixer speed is reduced by 10-20, the electricity consumption is reduced by 25-45. Since Huawei inverter adopts voltage/frequency coordinated control of the soft start mode of the motor, and has the functions of pitch compensation and lifting, it avoids the full-voltage start of the motor, the impact of current on power grid, electrical equipment and mechanical equipment effectively prolongs the overhaul period and service life of electrical system equipment: from the implementation of the speed regulation reform of penicillin production fermenter mixer, the project has the characteristics of low investment cost, short construction period and easy acceptance by process operators, and after-sales service is in place. Not only has the promotion value in the factory, but it also has a reference for other related pharmaceutical manufacturers.
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