Smart technology developing rapidly in embedded system is new

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
Embedded system is used to control or monitor machines, equipment, factory and other large-scale equipment system. Embedded system is usually a large number of production, so a single cost savings, to hundreds of thousands of amplification with production. At present, the embedded system has become a major manufacturer favored by topical application. Usually, an embedded system is a control program stored in ROM embedded processor in the control panel. In fact, all with a digital interface devices, such as watches, microwave oven, video recorders, automobile, etc. , all with an embedded system, some embedded system also includes the operating system, but most of the embedded system is controlled by a single program to realize the whole logic. Small size large energy embedded system applications cover all walks of life with small system kernel, specificity of strong, compact, high real-time and multitasking sex operation etc, embedded system has become a major manufacturers favor by the popular application of, to say the application of the embedded system covers all walks of life. Intelligent control, industrial automation equipment based on embedded chip will get rapid progress, there are a lot of 8, 16, 32 bit embedded microcontroller controller in the application, the network is to improve the production efficiency and product quality, reduce the human resources main ways, such as industrial process control, digital machine tools, electric power system, power grid safety and power grid monitoring equipment, petrochemical industry system, etc. Family of wisdom: in vehicle navigation, traffic control, information monitoring and car services, embedded system technology has obtained widespread application, embedded GPS module and GSM module of mobile terminal positioning has already succeeded in various transport industry use. Smart home: it will be the biggest known as embedded system application domain, refrigerator, air conditioner and so on network, intelligent will lead the life of people to enter a brand-new space. Water, electricity and gas meter remote automatic meter reading, security fire prevention, anti-theft system, embedded in some special control chip will replace the traditional manual inspection, and achieve a higher, more accurate and more safety performance. POS networks: contactless smart card issuing public transport system, public phone card issuance systems, vending machines, all kinds of intelligent ATM terminal will be fully into the life of people, then carrying a card can be traveled across the world. Environmental engineering: hydrological data real-time monitoring, flood control system and quality of soil and water conservation monitoring, the dam safety, earthquake monitoring network, the real-time meteorological information network, water and air pollution monitoring. In many conditions, DeKuang complex region, the embedded system will be an unmanned monitoring. Smart technology booming new intelligent hardware for the embedded system development is a new hot spot in the development of information technology industry in recent years, received extensive attention of the industry and the whole society. On September 19, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the intelligent hardware industry innovation development initiative ( 2016 - 2018) 》( Ministry of united electronic [2016] no. 302) , put forward the development of intelligent apparel equipment, intelligent on-board equipment, intelligent health care equipment, intelligent service robot, industrial intelligent hardware products, such as strengthening the low-power lightweight the underlying hardware and software technology, virtual reality/augmented reality technology, high-performance intellisense technology, high precision motion and attitude control technology, low power consumption wide area intelligent technology, the core key technologies such as cloud integration synergy technology innovation. These goals, needs to be based on the popularization and development of embedded system. With the technology and product innovation, the future of embedded system inevitably more and more deeply and widely, and directly promote the vigorous development of embedded technology. In addition, more and more entrepreneurial base and a guest team are multiplying in China, including a number in intelligent hardware as the main direction, will also provide fresh impetus to the development of embedded system. In the future, in the process of embedded system innovation and development, on the one hand, need to pay attention to integration development, including strengthening the integration between the software and hardware, terminals and network integration, and artificial intelligence technology, the embedded application to open a new window for the embedded application development, expand the new space. On the other hand, the need to strengthen the security and speed up the development of safe and reliable embedded operating system, or to have network interconnection function of embedded application provides automatic update feature, so as to promote the healthy development of the embedded system and security applications.
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