Siemens series inverter dedicated infrastructure market fan pump new applications, can be directly on the cloud

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
17, Siemens in China released new Sinamics G120X and G120XA inverter, specially designed for the application of fan and pump, especially suitable for application in water supply and wastewater treatment, building construction, the subway tunnel ventilation, such as infrastructure, also widely used in such as cement, chemical, food and beverage and other industrial environment. This series of frequency converter has the characteristics of energy saving, reliable and easy to use, in the product whole life cycle of implementing the concept of energy saving and cost reduction; Rich protection function dramatically reduced downtime, and can deal with the harsh external environment; Its appearance is compact, easy to install, use and maintenance. Special standard fan pump inverter Sinamics G120XASinamics G120XA standard fan pump is special inverter made in China, mainly for Asian markets such as China and India. The scope of its power to 0. From 75 to 560 kw, almost complete covering low-voltage market of fan and pump power demand; Integrated vector control algorithm can greatly improve control precision of the torque and speed. Sinamics G120XA converter can support and energy efficient motor, synchronous motor, the magnetic resistance motor integrated energy saving mode ( ECO) , dormancy function and can automatically calculate the energy consumption, to ensure the best performance, the minimum loss and optimal power output. Sinamics G120XA operating voltage in the range of - - 20% and + 10%, the operating temperature range 20 ℃ to 60 ℃, built-in double dc reactor and active protection function, hardware and software combination to reduce downtime. Its compact structure can be installed side by side in order to save space; Integrate typical connection macros, pump control, coasters, desilting function, fire mode, and other special fan pump function, can be professional, simple and rapid debugging work; In addition, the engineer may also through the PC and mobile wireless access, the wizard type, visually diagnosis and debugging. Customer registration through the network, can obtain the highest 30 months free warranty. Special fan pump inverter Sinamics G120XSinamics G120X inverter for the global market, provide more abundant product specification, currently produced in Germany and the UK. G120X series inverter power range of 0. From 75 to 630 kw, applicable to all motor type. In addition to support 380 v voltage, but also can be applied to two kinds of voltage 690 v and 220 v input type, support high 3 c3 coating protection standards, outside IP20 protection grade, the future will also introduce IP21 or IP55 two protection level, to meet more applications. G120X converter not only applies to the Modbus communication protocol, also supports Profinet and Profibus field bus. Its integration has passed the certification of SIL3 safety function. Data can be directly on the cloud, and the optimization of process and maintenance process, Sinamics G120X/XA series inverter can be connected through Sinamics Connect 300 devices with Siemens open Internet operating system based on cloud MindSphere directly connected. Through Analyze on MindSphere MyDrives application from the frequency converter, drive system, and evaluate the machinery and equipment in the collection of data, and status information visualization analysis, provide valuable data for the user, thus optimizing the process and maintenance process.
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