Siemens promote energy-saving frequency converter to improve enterprise profit space

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
On the analysis of the gap between China's energy conservation and emissions reduction, some experts think: on the one hand, energy conservation and emissions reduction work in China is mainly by executive order to be promoted, cannot meet the needs of the market, is difficult to form a long-term mechanism; On the other hand, the enterprise from their own short-term economic interests, did not attach enough importance to energy saving, lead to the main responsibility for energy conservation and emissions reduction of enterprises lack of motivation. Siemens ( China) Co. , LTD. Energy saving, the director of the centre for zen jing tao said in an interview with the author, & other; Contract energy management, must carry energy conservation service company. The rise of such enterprises, from the 1970 s of the world's energy crisis. When energy costs have multiplied, the enterprise profit space is greatly compressed, forcing companies to seek solution of energy saving. ” Demand of energy saving, large quantities of energy saving technology developers and developers rapidly emerging energy-saving equipment, and sell energy-using enterprise launched a fierce offensive. Facing the distracting ads and door-to-door, the energy conserving potential of the enterprise can use this no ideas of the truthfulness of many energy saving technology and applicability is undefined. At that time, professional energy saving service companies appeared. Energy conservation service company to contract energy management mechanism to implement energy-saving projects for customers. To provide customers with energy saving potential analysis, energy conservation project feasibility analysis, project design, project financing, equipment purchase, construction, energy saving detection, the whole process of project services such as staff training. And the process, does not need client company specialise in energy saving reconstruction capital investment. Jing tao said, contract energy management mode is the biggest benefit in the process of the whole project, the end users don't need to invest for the project, & other; Lack of funds is a lot of enterprises in the energy-saving renovation, the main difficulties encountered in the process that is attractive, so to speak. ” And energy conservation service company earnings, due to assure customers realize the promised in the contract section of energy and energy efficiency, energy conservation service company during the contract period of earnings directly with energy saving, income mainly comes from the energy conservation benefit of the project. “ One more thing, the contract after the property is free of charge transfer, users can get free equipment property. ” Zen jing tao added. Because of this, based on China's energy conservation and emissions reduction targets at the same time, as early as in 1998, the Chinese government will cooperate with the world bank, the introduction of EMC mode, and tentatively established in Beijing, liaoning, shandong, Hong Kong and contract energy management company. Have data show that foreign after carry out the contract energy management project of energy saving of 30% on average, in the practical operation of China also received a significant effect. The next page 12>
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