Siemens new stand-alone inverter Sinamics V20

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
Siemens in China today unveiled a new single frequency converter for basic application, namely Sinamics V20. In the frequency converter by Siemens, Germany, Britain engineers to design research and development, and in the Siemens numerical control ( Nanjing) Production co. , LTD. The inverter structure is compact, strong and durable, debugging, quick, convenient operation and the economic and practical. Siemens ( China) Drive technology co. , LTD. , industrial businesses group vice President and motion control department general manager PeiAn client said: & other; The launch of a new type of Siemens inverter Sinamics V20 is apply global technology system to local optimal model of product design. Siemens has always been based on China's market demand, constantly design suited to local demand for products and solutions. ” Simple transmission task needs a convenient and economical solution. Sinamics V20 inverter has two power supply modes, a total of four dimension, power cover range is 0. 12 kw to 15 kw, be applicable to the drag pump, fan, compressor, or conveyor system, and the simple task in the field of processing and transmission. This compact inverter can be installed side by side to save space. In addition to the conventional tank wall installation can be carried out in the wall. Due to run without other modules or an additional option, greatly shorten the installation time. Through the integrated operator panel ( 防喷器) , can smoothly the commissioning and operation. In addition to the universal serial interface is easy to connect the controller, the terminal also has the language of an application on the electronic controller Modbus interface, can be used for the controller to communicate with a third party. Interface and application of precast macros ( Is a set of commands group together to complete a specific task) , easy for application oriented set. For the rated power is higher than 7. 5 kw inverter, the inverter braking resistor can be direct connection and integration of braking chopper. Easy to use Sinamics V20 of frequency converter and debugging as convenient operation, the user has for a can be applied to optimize the parameters of the easily transfer to other inverter. Can use SD or MMC card and through the BOP interface or the parameters of the battery power loader to save the data ( Inverter under the condition of no power supply can operate) And according to the need to load the data. Also can load the latest firmware. Predefined macro connection and application ( Can be used to pump, fan, compressor and conveyor belt, etc. ) Provides a convenient setting right for a particular application. Sinamics V20“ Keep running mode & throughout; The automatic adjustment function can make products to adapt to the power supply condition, in order to maintain a good running on the unstable power grid. Input power fluctuations will get compensation within the device, an error message will be automatically are identified. Due to enhanced cooling design and equipped with coating PCB and electronic components, high reliability Sinamics V20 in electrical and mechanical aspects are very durable, even under the condition of bad environment, performance is reliable. Energy saving and cost efficiency is the biggest asset due to the motor speed can be adjusted according to the demand, so even for basic applications, higher power savings can be achieved. Sinamics V20 has an energy optimization control mode ( ECO mode) , can be used to improve energy efficiency and make the motor in the magnetic flux and the main point are automatically adapt. And, through the coupling dc link, which can realize energy sharing way using a two sets of frequency converter in the grouping system. Sinamics V20 have sleep mode, in order to prolong the operating life of the motor, and reduce the wear and tear, For example, the wear of the pump) 。 The display screen can display the current power consumption, so the operator can easily understand always inverter efficiency and economic benefits. Sinamics V20 launch is in line with the Siemens localization should be increased commitment in recent years. Siemens will localization strategy of the whole industry chain, is the realization of the product life cycle management, supply chain management and customer management localization, so as to design, develop, produce more closer to the customer demand the product, in order to improve the overall level of China's manufacturing industry. Siemens in China to launch a new single frequency converter for basic application, namely Sinamics V20. This kind of inverter structure is compact, strong and durable, debugging, quick, easy operation and the economic and practical.
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