Siemens new compressor inverter recently put into use

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-17
Siemens drive technology has expanded the product portfolio of frequency converters through SinamicsG120C. This compact device has been applied to many occasions in industrial environment. This frequency converter is suitable for pumps, compressors, fans, mixers, extruders, conveyor belts and material handling machines. The purpose of producing this new series of frequency converters is to produce machine manufacturers (OEMs)And dealers to provide appropriate inverter. The rated power of SINAMICSG120C inverter is 0. 55kW to 18. 5kW has the characteristics of compact size, fast frequency modulation time, simple operation, easy maintenance and highly integrated functions. SINAMICSG120C has been specially optimized for small control cabinets and is directly installed near production machines. These programs require a simple speed controller and are installed in a smaller program package with high energy density. In this type of frequency converter, it can provide the highest energy density and can be directly installed as a machine module without power consumption. Compared with the traditional frequency converter on the market, G120C occupies 30 cm less space and has a 40% higher energy density. This inverter has quick connection terminals and can be installed faster. The frequency converter has a socket that can insert a memory card, which can obviously speed up the frequency modulation speed. It is also easier to debug the frequency converter after installing the operation panel. This kind of frequency converter can also be connected to the computer through USB interface, and the parameters can be adjusted through the computer. The standard protective coating on the shell enables the machine to work normally in harsh or corrosive environment. Siemens's inverter is 60 ℃ (140 °F)Temperature environment design. Each G120C inverter has Siemens integrated safety technology standard, which ensures that the driver can stop running safely. The frequency converter is equipped with double protection inputs to control the torque stop function. G120C provides users with an appropriate amount of sensorless operation program compiled by Siemens Sinamics platform, which enables the induction motor to operate accurately and efficiently. For network communication, the inverter provides Siemens integrated bus system. It CAN also be directly integrated into other widely used communication structures through USS bus, RTU mode and CAN bus. The factory default setting of each G120C inverter enables the machine to work directly without parameter setting.
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