Siemens inverter related problem analysis

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
Industry in the whole country at present, only a handful of firms high voltage motor USES the way of speed adjustment, market blank spots. High voltage frequency converter equipment investment, mainly used for energy saving and improvement of production process. Whether the user to buy such equipment great relation with the government's policy guidance. Such as the government promotion is bigger, a kick-off meeting for the market faster, slower conversely. On the other hand, the market also is affected by international and domestic economic environment as well as some industry of the country has a direct influence on the overall economic benefit. So in the process of market development in the future, there are still some uncertain factors. Siemens inverter protection there are a lot of problems. Artificial intelligence technology is of great advantage in this respect. The main problem is: the main circuit and control circuit of under voltage, over voltage protection; Output current under current, over current protection; Motor and inverter overload protection; Braking resistor overheating protection; Stalling protection, etc. Fault diagnosis using artificial intelligence technology to the inverter, a fault diagnosis system, the system consists of monitoring, testing, knowledge base, Failure mode knowledge base or fault diagnosis expert system knowledge base) , reasoning mechanism, the man-machine dialogue interface and database, not only can accurately points out that the nature of the failure after failure, parts, and before the failure can also predict the likelihood of failure. In front of the inverter start of diagnosis system itself and the inverter main circuit ( Including power supply) Make a diagnosis, control system and so on inventory risk. If discover fault phenomena is called knowledge base and reasoning, judge fault reason and display can't boot, such as trouble-free display can be switched on. After startup, the real-time diagnosis. Work cycle for each testing point to query, data storage and constantly refresh. If discover the limit of the data, that may be down, directional track immediately. If several times to check the result is the same, that is indeed something wrong with the, so call knowledge base analysis and reasoning, and determine what kind of fault and its parts, displayed, serious when emit halt instruction. At present, the Siemens inverter market development has been mature, appearance of new power electronic devices, a new frequency conversion technology emerge in endlessly, gives its wider application.
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