Siemens inverter parameter setting method discussed in this paper

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-07
In recent ten years, with the large scale integrated circuit, computer control technology and the development of modern control theory, especially the application of the vector control technology, the ac frequency conversion speed regulation technology has a wide speed range, high step by step steady speed precision, fast dynamic response, and reversible in four quadrant operation good technical performance, equivalent to that of dc electric drive speed regulation characteristics. In ac speed regulating technique, as a result of the frequency conversion speed regulating performance and reliability is continuing to improve performance and decrease in price, especially its power saving effect is obvious, easy realization of ac motor speed control, therefore, need speed control in all occasions, frequency converter, with its convenient operation, small volume, high control performance for a wide range of applications. Inverter in the some of the problems in use, in many cases because of frequency converter caused by improper parameter Settings. There are thousands of 440 frequency converter can be set parameters, only systematically, properly and accurately set parameters can make full use of the frequency converter performance' 1 】 。 Control mode to select inverter control mode choice, which is decided by the load torque characteristics of the mechanical load torque of the motor characteristics according to the following formula: n/p = t type 9550: p— — Motor power ( 千瓦) t— — Torque ( n。 m) n— — Speed ( r /分) Relations with rotational speed n according to the load torque t type can be divided into three kinds of 【 2 】 。 ( 1) Even if the speed change torque, it should not change the constant torque load, such load such as conveyor belt, crane, extrusion machine, compressor, etc. ( 2) With the loss of the rotational speed and torque according to the square of speed reducing load. The load such as fan, all kinds of liquid pump, etc. ( 3) Frequency converter provides control mode has a v/f control, vector control and torque control. V/f control linear v/f control, parabolic characteristics of v/f control. P1300 will inverter parameter to 0, inverter working in linear v/f control mode, the speed when the magnetic flux and the excitation current basically remain unchanged. Applicable to the work speed is not generally constant torque speed regulating object of low frequency band. Set of 2 p1300, frequency converter working in parabolic characteristics of v/f control mode, this applies to fan and water pump loads. The load of the shaft power n approximate to the direct ratio with rotational speed n 3 times. The torque m approximately and speed is proportional to the square of the n. For this kind of load, if the v/f characteristic of frequency converter is a linear relationship, the low speed when the allowable torque of the motor is greater than the load torque, power factor and efficiency caused by the serious decline. In order to adapt to the need of the load, the voltage decrease with the decrease of the output frequency to square relations, thus reduce the flux and the excitation current of the motor, to keep the power factor in the appropriate range. Can be further by setting the parameters v/f control curve for load characteristic. Will p1312 setting an appropriate value between 0 to 250, with functions of starting ascension. The output voltage at low frequency relative to the linear curve of v/f for the appropriate increase to compensate for when the low frequency of the stator resistance leading to the pressure drop of the motor torque. Apply Yu Daqi regulated torque control object. Frequency converter drive motor, v/f control way in some frequency, the motor current, speed oscillation happens, serious when system can't run, and even appeared in the process of accelerating current protection, make the motor does not start properly, in the light load motor or inertia torque is small. Can be based on the system oscillation frequency point, on the v/f curve setting and jump jump frequency band width, when the motor speed can be automatically skip these frequency, guarantee the system can run normally. From p1091 to p1094 can set up four different jump points, setting p1101 jump frequency band width is determined. Some load under a specific frequency to provide specific torque motor, with a programmable corresponding set of v/f control frequency converter parameters can get the required control curve. Set p1320, p1322, p1324 determine programmable 12 v/f the next page>
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