Siemens 'crystal' : the future intelligent window of the city

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-14
On September 19, the east end of London royal Victoria port, a huge celebration is a bright is dazzing & other; Crystal & throughout; Shape of buildings. Politicians in London, infrastructure, experts and senior Siemens in the field of infrastructure and urban business with employees gathered here, to celebrate the Siemens designed for urban sustainable development to build demonstration center's launch & ndash; — It sets the conference center, city dialogue platform and technology innovation center at an organic whole, show will be fully future-oriented city and infrastructure advanced ideas. To participate in the celebration of the mayor of London Boris & middot; Johnson says it has a good education, science and technology content, will be for the public to show a picture of the blueprint of the future urban development. Siemens corporation, President and chief executive officer, said Peter loscher, accompanied with the city's rise and fall along the development of the world, future-oriented, Siemens and other Crystal & throughout; Shows the city facing the opportunities as well as the specific effective solution. Into the wisdom of the future city window, Siemens Siemens & other; Crystal & throughout; Invest 35 million euros for a year and a half to build, has now become the British capital London, a new landmark. It is situated in the royal Victoria port of London newham area, from nearby move back and forth on the river Thames on both sides of the cable car, visitors can have a bird's eye view of the crystalline view. And a bigger secret hidden in & other; Crystal & throughout; Internal & ndash; — Area of 2000 square meters of the grand exhibition hall to visitors to present the current infrastructure solutions how to guarantee under the premise of a higher quality of life, for people to create a more sustainable and greener city life, ranging from sustainable transportation, building, power supply, water supply and medical science and technology. As was invited to attend the opening ceremony, was one of the media reporters outsiders Siemens & other; Crystal & throughout; About the future in the interpretation of the city. Visitors at the entrance to receive a & other; ID card & throughout; Can be easily involved in the display of each link, through the interactive way know the problems of urban development, as well as the methods to solve these problems: by Siemens development & other; Urban construction throughout the game &; , visitors can change city managers, to participate in urban planning in the field of finance, energy, transportation, security as a whole, to understand how cities can healthy growth; In virtual housing construction demonstration, visitors by choosing environmental protection building materials, can see them visually cities can reduce much carbon emissions; And over 50 years later the city change film, is to show visitors all the possibilities of the future urban development. In all of these about urban infrastructure solutions, are blended in Siemens in the field of infrastructure and urban business professional wisdom. But in the heart of the show Siemens can provide cities with technology and the scheme is presented to the public, the Siemens city competency center experts will also & other; Crystal & throughout; Regarding the future urban infrastructure technology r&d and innovation. Due to the actual situation of each city and the demand is differ, Siemens infrastructure and urban areas also formed the city throughout the rest of the world account manager team, & other; Crystal & throughout; Also will become the center of the team coordination. In & other; Crystal & throughout; Global news conference before inauguration, Siemens management committee members, infrastructure and urban areas of business, chief executive of the bo LeRen stressed: & other; Siemens infrastructure and urban areas not only paying attention to the development of global cities in the developed countries, it is also one of our focus in emerging countries. ” Siemens infrastructure and urban areas of business in Asia Pacific President Dr Chausson also pointed out that: & other; ‘ Crystal & rsquo; Of Siemens in sustainable urban development leading technology and ideas, also has brought together Siemens infrastructure and urban senior experts and engineers in the field of business carried out in this research a lot. These will be for urban development in China and other emerging countries provides foresightedness technical guidance and support. ” Opening a dialogue platform and other urban vision; Crystal & throughout; Is not only an exhibition center, it also has a hall can accommodate 270 people, can meet, as a political decision makers, infrastructure expert and the social public to open up a dialogue platform of innovation. They are engineers, architects, urban planners and decision makers of independent BBS. Following the ceremony, there will be two field related to urban development meeting in & other; Crystal & throughout; To hold. On September 20, the United Nations habitat program to & other; For city leaders throughout the city planning &; As the theme of the conference, has brought together many urban policy makers and planners to & other; Crystal & throughout; 。 The meeting, they will also visit & other; Crystal & throughout; Problems encountered in the process of urban development and & other; Crystal & throughout; Solutions to show in the discussion. On September 21st, sponsored by Boolean of media digital life design city meeting, also attracted many participants explore and urban sustainable development and smart city vision related topics in the future. The next page 12 >
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