Siemens 3RW44 soft starter helps crusher save energy and reduce consumption

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-27
The crusher was originally started by self-coupling pressure reduction, with a long starting time and a locked-rotor current 4 to 5 times of the rated current, thus the voltage and frequency of the whole production line will fluctuate greatly, if it is serious, it will cause a trip accident and even cause the high-voltage side fuse to burn out. Crusher energy-saving method: the state stipulates that when the motor is started, the voltage drop of the power grid shall not exceed 10% of the load voltage. Therefore, there are usually two solutions: one is to increase the capacity of the auxiliary transformer. Although this method is feasible, it is not advisable from an economic point of view to increase the capacity of the transformer only for starting the motor. The second is to adopt starting equipment that limits the locked-rotor current of the motor. This method can adopt Siemens 3RW44 soft starter, and the locked-rotor current of the motor increases smoothly from 0, thus reducing the fluctuation of power grid frequency and voltage. Siemens 3RW44 soft starter 3RW44 introduction: Siemens 3RW44 soft starter is a product that expands the existing soft starter series and can be well applied to soft start and soft stop under harsh starting process conditions. It is compact and easy to install and can be connected to various automation levels through ASinterface or Profibus/Profinet. It carries forward the advantages of SIRIUS soft starter and is very suitable for the situation where the control cabinet needs to save space and arrange clearly. Compared with frequency converter, 3RW44 has greater advantages in energy saving. For the motor, 3RW44 has built-in motor overload protection function, thus saving wiring cost. At the same time, it also provides adjustable trip grade and thermistor motor protection function. Thyristor can also be short-circuit protected by SITOR semiconductor fuse, so that the soft starter will not be damaged after short circuit, and with the help of adjustable current limiting function, the peak current can be reliably avoided. In addition, after the soft start of the motor is completed, the bypass electric shock of the soft starter will bypass the thyristor, thus significantly reducing the heat loss when the soft starter works at the rated value and solving the problem of overheating inside the switch cabinet, the service life of the equipment is prolonged. In order to meet the needs of high-end users, the electronic 3RW44 soft starter provides many other functions besides soft start and soft stop. Using standard wiring mode, the power range of 3RW44 can reach 710kW (400 V) , Using the internal Triangle connection mode, its power range can reach 1200kW (400 V). From this point of view, 3RW44 soft starter is extremely prominent in cost saving.
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