Shortage and solution of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-17
The shortcomings and solutions of stepping motor, first, how to control the orientation of stepping motor? 1. Ability to change the azimuth level signal of control technology. 2. The wiring of the motor can be adjusted to change the direction. Specific measures are given: For single-phase motors, only the motor lines listed in one phase need to be interchanged to connect the controller, such as A and A-Interchange. Stepping Motor, for three-phase motor, interchanges the motor lines adjacent to two phases ,? For example, phase voltages A, B and C can be exchanged between Phase A and Phase B. The Stepping Motor has large vibration and noise. What is the situation? In case of this situation, the stepping motor worker is in the oscillation area. Solution: 1. Change the input signal rejection rate CP to bypass the oscillation area. 2. Select the classification controller to reduce the step angle and make the operation more linear. Third, why does the motor not work after the stepper motor is connected to the power supply? There are several reasons that will cause the motor not to turn: 1 ,? Load blocking (At this time, the motor has a howling sound) 2. Is the motor in an offline State 3. Does the control technology have differential signals for the stepper motor controller? Is the wiring not very good? Fourth, the stepper motor vibrates and cannot operate continuously. What should I do? In this case, the first check is that the winding resistance of the motor is connected to the controller. There is a wrong connection. Check whether the input pulse signal winding rate is too high, and whether the lifting frequency arrangement is unscientific. Fifth, what kind of application is the off-line signal FREE of Hybrid Stepping Motor controller usually used? When the off-line signal FREE is low, the AC supplied by the controller to the motor is disconnected, and the motor rotor is in a random condition (Offline status). In some automation machines, if it is stipulated that the controller is continuously powered, the motor shaft (Hand washing method) , Can set the FREE signal low, take the motor off-line, carry out manual manual use or adjustment. After the hand movements are carried out, the FREE signal is set high to be intelligently controlled again. Six, how to choose the stepper motor controller power distribution? Clear the distribution current of the controller, and then clear the alternating current; The original alternating current of distribution power is usually determined according to the output phase current I of the controller. If linear regulated power supply is selected, the original alternating current can usually be 1 of I. 1 ~ 1. 3 times; If the power transformer is selected, is the original alternating current usually acceptable? 1. 5 ~ 2. 0 times. Seven, how to choose the stepping motor controller distribution current? The stepper motor controllers manufactured by our company are all wide-voltage typing, and the category of typing current is quite large and can be selected; The electric current is generally selected according to the number of revolutions of the motor and the abnormal regulations. If the number of revolutions of the motor is relatively high or abnormal regulations occur rapidly, the current value of the motor is also high, but pay attention to the ripple of the original current not exceeding the large input current of the controller, otherwise, the controller will be destroyed. If the selection of lower current is beneficial to the stable operation of the step electric machine, the vibration is small. Eight, can the fine score of the classification controller mean precision? Classification is also called micro-step. The key purpose is to weaken or remove the high-frequency vibration of the stepping motor, and to improve the operation precision of the motor is only one of the classification processes. For example, the stepping angle is 1. 8 ° The two-phase Hybrid Stepping Motor, if the fine score of the classification controller is set to 4, then the running pixel of the sorting motor is 0 for each pulse width. 45 ° , The precision of the motor can exceed or close to 0. 45 ° , Also lies in other elements such as the classification ac linearity of the classification controller. The precision of classification controllers of different manufacturers will be quite different; The greater the fine score, the more difficult it is to manipulate. Nine, why does the torque of the stepping motor decrease with the increase of the number of revolutions? When the stepper motor rotates, the capacitance of each phase of the motor will generate an electromotive force in the opposite direction; The higher the rate, the greater the reverse electromotive force. Under its function, the motor increases with the acceleration rate (Or rate) The phase current decreases, resulting in a decrease in torque. Insufficient TAG stepping motor, disadvantages of stepping motor
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