Shenzhen, the British witten now total of 500 authorized patents

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
At the beginning of year of the horse, the good news. Recently, the British witten and its subsidiaries including two inventions, five pieces of utility model, one design, a total of eight patents by the state intellectual property office patent certificate issued by the review and obtain, including: a braking unit and power conversion equipment ( The patent number ZL201110316763. 3) , a connecting structure and electronic equipment ( The patent number ZL201320341923. 4) , a kind of wireless communication server ( The patent number ZL201330344876. 4) And so on. The British witten as national torch plan key high-tech enterprise, is committed to become the world's leading, respected in the field of industrial automation and electrical energy products and services suppliers, now in shenzhen, Shanghai, xi 'an and other places to set up multiple research and development center, with conformity assessment of China national accreditation council ( CNAS) National laboratory, is also the domestic industrial control industry only a license from Germany TUVSUD ACT qualification of laboratory, in the field of industrial automation and electrical energy in a number of technology in the domestic and international first-class level. By the end of February 2014, the British witten in patent application for all kinds of 505 pieces ( One invention patent 191, PCT patent 10, 5 pieces, European patent for utility model patent 221, appearance patent 78, 134 pieces of software copyright) 。 This batch of granted patent, highlights the British witten solid r&d strength, for the British witten to further expand the market actively, is conducive to the British witten giving full play to the advantages of leading products of independent intellectual property rights and the formation of positive continuous innovation mechanism, at the same time to ensure that the British witten can keep leading technology in the field of industrial automation and electrical energy, greatly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.
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