Shenhua east god designed putting-in-service proactively shuttle car inverter control protection system

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-16
Recently, the shenhua god east coal group's coal mine workers for shuttle car drives with a set of independent design of temperature control protection system, became the shuttle car & other; Amulet & throughout; 。 Frequency converter is equivalent to the brains of the shuttle car, can effectively control the shuttle car. Shuttle car is running, frequency converter cooling is to rely on fan, production process, the shuttle vehicle, time runs easily due to causes such as fan failure frequency converter fever burned, and a single frequency converter value more than 40, ten thousand yuan. In order to prevent the inverter burned, the mine technical personnel according to the working principle of the inverter, made of a temperature control system, successfully solved this problem. The temperature control system by the bimetallic strip temperature control switch and a homemade circuit boards, access to the shuttle car 24 v circuit, when the inverter overtemperature, this system will cut off the 24 v inverter power supply, terminate the shuttle car running, will rely on original fan cooled passive protection to active defense, effectively avoid the damage of the inverter. Since the system put into use, save the maintenance cost of more than 400 ten thousand yuan.
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