Shallow of high voltage inverter market development in China over the next five years

by:V&T Technologies     2020-03-18
Along with our country related policies to promote energy saving and emission reduction, reduce the unit energy consumption in the production of GDP will be the future of the main problems in the social production and living in China, and how we use technology and equipment to reduce the energy consumption will be our development premise. 《“ Five-year & throughout; Comprehensive energy saving and emission reduction working plan, stick to the reduction of energy consumption intensity, reasonable control energy consumption, and promote technological progress, the combination of improved energy efficiency. Energy conservation and emissions reduction work, under the relevant national policy stimulus, inverter, a group of related industries such as energy saving energy saving motor enterprise will become the beneficiaries. Our country electric power more than 2 trillion KWH, which accounts for 60% of the electricity consumption, but the market share of less than 3%, high efficiency and energy saving motor motor system overall efficiency is about 20% lower than the developed countries. If an annual increase of motor and drag system adopt high efficiency and energy saving products, motor system optimization design, can power saving hundreds of billions of kilowatt hours a year, nearly one hundred million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, can effectively promote the development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry. Energy saving relies mainly on the frequency conversion motor, thus to improve the effect of motor efficiency, energy saving, etc. The use of frequency converter motor system energy saving rate is generally about 30%, some high places can reach 40% 60%. Compared with low voltage frequency converter in the market, the high voltage inverter market concentration is higher, high market share and domestic manufacturers, and promulgated by the State Council '& other; Five-year & throughout; Energy conservation and emissions reduction comprehensive work plan 'explicitly request to speed up the promotion of high voltage variable frequency speed regulation technology popularization and application. So the high voltage inverter market has good prospects for the future. China's small and medium-sized motor industry policy from the national level is mainly to promote energy efficient motors. Compared with the ordinary motor, energy-efficient motor loss average fell 20%, the efficiency increased by 2% 7%; Super efficient motor is energy-efficient motor efficiency by a further 2% on average. To promote energy saving motor system energy saving strategy of national policy has had a huge impact. According to the provisions of the 1997 Kyoto protocol, all countries in the world at high pressure of energy conservation and emissions reduction, thus made the law and regulations of energy-efficient motor respectively. In China, for example, in 2011 the national electricity consumption of about 4. 6928 trillion KWH, a 4% increase in computing, if the use of small and medium-sized energy efficient motor can power saving 105. 1 billion KWH, can reduce 35. 49 million tons of standard coal, reduce 93. 47 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, and 310000 tons of sulfur dioxide emissions. First, shows that China attaches great importance to enhance the efficiency of the motor; Second, the small and medium-sized energy-efficient motors currently used in China is less, in addition, a good small and medium-sized energy-efficient motor mainly rely on import, the price expensive. In addition, most domestic enterprises for energy-saving efficient production of small and medium-sized motor & other material cost was too high; Off & throughout; 。 This requires countries increase support for domestic motor manufacturing enterprises, the domestic product market competitive power as soon as possible. High efficiency and energy saving motor is refers to the general standard motor has high efficiency. High efficiency and energy saving motor using new motor design, new technology and new materials, by reducing the wastage of the electromagnetic energy, heat energy and mechanical energy, improve the output efficiency. Compared with the standard motor, motor using efficient energy-saving effect is very obvious, normally efficiency can be increased by 4% on average. Sadly, although the efficient motor has been on the market for many years, but the user demand has been acting is not very strong, efficient motor market share in China at present is very low, less than 10%. Therefore, in the relevant national energy conservation policy, under the promotion of high voltage frequency converter has good prospects for the future market. According to relevant data show that in 2011 the domestic high voltage inverter market scale is controlled 5 billion yuan, accounting for only 6% of the potential market capacity, domestic fan, water pump used in high voltage motor configuration, the high voltage inverter PeiZhiLv less than 20%, with the environmental problem is becoming more and more important and constantly improve the industrial production requirements, high voltage inverter product demand will continue to strengthen, the high voltage inverter market will keep industry growth rate of 30% over the next three years.
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