Several braking modes of servo motor?

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-17
Several braking modes of servo motors are often confused by the effects of electromagnetic braking, regenerative braking and dynamic braking, and the wrong accessories are selected. The dynamic brake consists of dynamic braking resistance, which shortens the mechanical feed distance of the servo motor through energy consumption braking when the fault, emergency stop and power supply are powered off. Regenerative braking means that the servo motor feeds back the energy generated by braking to the DC bus through the inverter circuit during deceleration or shutdown and absorbs it through the resistance and capacitance circuit. Electromagnetic braking is to lock the shaft of the motor through a mechanical device. The difference between the three (1) Regenerative braking must work when the server is working properly, and the motor cannot be braked in case of failure, emergency stop, power failure, etc. Dynamic brakes and electromagnetic brakes do not require power supply when working. (2) The work of regenerative braking is performed automatically by the system, while the work of dynamic braking and electromagnetic braking requires external relay control. (3) Electromagnetic braking is generally started after sv off, otherwise the amplifier may be overloaded. Dynamic brakes are generally started after sv off or the main circuit is powered OFF, otherwise the dynamic braking resistance may overheat. Precautions for selecting accessories (1) Some systems such as transmission devices, lifting devices, etc. require servo motors to stop as soon as possible. However, in case of failure, emergency stop and power failure, the server cannot decelerate the motor without regenerative braking. At the same time, the mechanical inertia of the system is large. At this time, the selection of dynamic brake should be based on the weight of the load and the working speed of the motor. (2) Some systems need a large output from the motor to maintain the stationary position of the mechanical device.
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