Seven Points for Attention in use of stepping motor

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-13
Precautions for the use of stepping motors at 7 o'clock 1. Stepping motors are generally used in low-speed occasions, and the maximum rotation speed is also 300- 600/min, a certain deceleration mechanism can be used to ensure that it works in this range, so that the noise of the stepping motor will be very small and the working efficiency will be very high; 2. When using this stepping motor, the whole step state will not generally occur, because the vibration of the stepping motor will be very small in the half step state; 3. Stepping motors generally have a standard voltage of 12 V, so the driving power supply voltage can be selected as 12 V. In addition, when selecting the power supply of other stepping motors, to follow the drive to refer to the selection; 4. When the stepping motor works and the inertia generated by the load is very large, the base of the stepping motor should be large; 5. When the speed of the stepping motor is required to be relatively high, the method adopted is to gradually increase the speed and frequency. This reflects three major benefits: first, it can ensure that the stepping motor does not appear out of step; The second is to ensure that the noise generated when the stepper motor works is small; The third is to ensure the accuracy of the stepping motor when it is stopped; 6. When the motion accuracy of the stepping motor is very high, it can be realized by increasing the rotating speed of the motor or slowing down the speed of mechanical equipment; 7. In some actual engineering application processes, the selection rule is to select the step first and then select the driver related to it. Related reading: the structure of stepping motor, the four core technologies of stepping motor TAG stepping motor
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