Seven matters needing attention in Inverter selection

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-12
In daily work, what should be paid attention to when selecting the inverter? First of all, we need to know that the inverter can not be used normally under any circumstances, so it is necessary for users to know more about the load, environmental requirements and the inverter. For long-term low-speed dynamic rotation, due to the high calorific value of the motor and the reduced cooling capacity of the fan, it is necessary to increase the reduction ratio or switch to a 6-stage motor to make the motor run near a higher frequency. 2. The installation location of the inverter must meet the requirements of the standard environment, otherwise it will easily cause failure or shorten the service life; The distance between the inverter and the drive motor is generally not more than 50 m. If a longer distance is required, the carrier frequency needs to be reduced or the output reactor option needs to be added to operate normally. 3. Load Type and Inverter selection: the load driven by the motor is different, and the requirements for the inverter are different. 4. Fan and water pump are the most common loads: the requirements for frequency converter are the simplest, as long as the frequency converter capacity is equal to the motor capacity ( Air compressor, deep water pump, mud pump, fast-changing music fountain need to increase capacity). 5. Crane load: this kind of load is characterized by a large impact at startup, so the inverter is required to have a certain margin. At the same time, when the elbow is lowered on the heavy object, there will be energy feedback, so use the brake unit or use the shared bus mode. 6. Uneven load: Some loads are sometimes light and sometimes heavy. At this time, the inverter capacity should be selected according to the heavy load, such as steel rolling machinery, crushing machinery, mixer, etc. 7. Large inertial load: such as centrifuge, punching machine, rotary kiln of cement plant, such load inertia is very large, so it may oscillate when starting, and there is energy feedback when the motor slows down. A slightly larger inverter should be used to speed up the start and avoid oscillation. Cooperate with the brake unit to eliminate the feedback power.
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