Servo motor precision

by:V&T Technologies     2020-02-14
Servo motor precision, often in the office is to listen to colleagues say servo precision problem, say what foreign high precision, replaced by some domestic brands precision can not meet and so on. . . . . . I don't quite understand this. I don't know what the accuracy they are talking about? Thank you! On the first floor of Bonn, Shenzhen ruite electromechanical Co. , Ltd. is a stepping motor manufacturer specializing in the research, development and production of stepping motor stepping motor drivers in Shenzhen. This topic is too big! Simply speaking, the precision of servo is subject to motor, feedback, control and other aspects, and errors in each aspect will affect the final precision of servo system, the precision difference between domestic servo and foreign servo also stems from various aspects such as motor characteristics, feedback precision and control precision. Moreover, the selection of servo parameters also directly affects the static and dynamic accuracy of servo. As far as the working mode of servo is concerned, there are current control accuracy, zero-crossing distortion degree, stability and consistency of output torque in the whole circle, resistance to power supply voltage fluctuation, etc. Servo motor, speed control accuracy, low speed stability, on-load stability, command response characteristics, load response characteristics, impact load resistance, etc. Position positioning accuracy, follow-up error, command response characteristics, load response characteristics, impact resistance load capacity, etc. Throwing bricks to attract jade, not one, please continue to add. The Blue Water Light wave upstairs is too talented, admire. Yes, as Master Bo said, this precision problem cannot be generalized. It is inevitable that there will be some laymen if they draw such a big and imaginary conclusion! Don't take it seriously! TAG servo motor accuracy
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