Servo Motor acceleration

by:V&T Technologies     2019-11-17
Servo motors not only meet higher and higher application requirements, but also introduce network and control functions. There is no sign that its development will stagnate. The rapid development of technology has injected new vitality into automation and control systems. In this era of alternation between the old and the new, some components have been stubbornly and firmly retained, one of which is the servo motor. New technologies and products can improve solutions, but servo motors are still spread all over every aspect of manufacturing and play a vital role in numerous systems and processes, at the same time, it also meets the higher requirements of users: high torque, small volume, absolute coordinate feedback and adjustment software. In order to evaluate the selection and use of servo motors and the impact of the recent development of servo motors, Control Engineering and Reed Research Group (Www. Reedbusiness. Com) Recently, respondents were asked about their opinions and preferences on such products through email/online survey. Here are some survey results: respondents think the following performance characteristics are 'very important': setting and adjusting software, high torque at low speed. These features have been considered 'very important' in recent years, and the importance seems to have increased now. Application modes and occasions can be obtained from the responses of 385 interviewees in the second half of 2007: about 54% of Interviewees select, recommend and/or purchase servo motors for factory environment. 25% of the interviewees used OEM and 21% received OEM
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