Selection method of stepping motor and driver

by:V&T Technologies     2020-01-14
The selection method of stepping motor and driver. Stepping motor is an open-loop control element stepping motor device that converts electrical pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement. There are three main types in structure: reactive type, permanent magnet type and hybrid type. Stepper motor driver is an actuator that converts electrical pulses into angular displacement. When the stepping driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepping motor to rotate a fixed angle (Called'Step angle') Its rotation runs step by step at a fixed angle. The angular displacement can be controlled by controlling the number of pulses, thus achieving the purpose of accurate positioning; At the same time, the speed and acceleration of the motor can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency, thus achieving the purpose of speed regulation and positioning. So how to choose stepping motor and driver? The following is a brief introduction: to judge how much torque is needed: Static torque is one of the main parameters of step selection and stepping motor entering motor. When the load is large, a large torque motor is required. When the torque index is large, the motor shape is also large. Judging the running speed of the motor: when the rotating speed requirement is high, the motor with larger phase current and smaller inductance should be selected to increase the power input. And a higher supply voltage is used when selecting the driver. Select the installation specifications of the motor: such as 57, 86, 110, etc. , mainly related to torque requirements. Determine the requirements for positioning accuracy and vibration: judge whether subdivision is needed and how much subdivision is needed. Select the driver according to the current, subdivision and supply voltage of the motor. Related reading: the difference between stepping motor and geared motor, the difference between servo motor and stepping motor TAG stepping motor driver
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